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tv   Today  NBC  July 5, 2010 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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good morning. mercury rising -- a dangerous heat waves settles in over much of the east coast. temperatures expected to hover near 100 degrees from washington up to new york. when will we see any relief? murder for hire -- a report kyron horman's stepmother may have tried to hire a landscaper to kill the 7-year-old's father. will investigators use that information to put the squeeze on her as they search for the little boy? and, oh, boy, what a hot dog. coney island's annual fourth of july hot dog eating contest marred by the arrest of former champ could kobayashi as he ruse
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stage. he's out of jail but still has a big beef with the organizers. monday, july 5th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm lester hold. >> and i'm amy robach. my fourth of july was pretty boring compared to what was happening on coney island. >> that was quite a scene. kobayashi tries to rush the stage. i'm guessing the other contestants were probably rushing off the stage to visit facilities. >> the bathroom? >> facilities, the bathroom. anyways, more about the day of celebration wrapped up here in new york at the macy's fourth of july fireworks, the biggest display in the country. the only thing that's hotter is the weather here in the northeast. how hot is it going to get and how long will the heat wave last? we'll get some answers straight
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ahead. also ahead, the newest hope tied to the oil leak disaster in the gulf, a skimmer that's longer than three football fields. coming up, why there are such big aspirations riding on that massive vessel, plus the staggering amount of money that has been spent on the crisis. on a lighter note, we can all use extra friends, right? would you be willing to buy one? we'll check out a website where thousands are logging on and actually paying people to be their companion for the day. okay, that doesn't sound right, but it's okay. >> hmm. it's okay. you're decreeing that. >> i'm decreeing it's okay. let's begin with the heat wave threaten iing to shatter records. nbc's kevin tibbles has details. >> reporter: it's sweltering across much of the country and in the northeast the mercury is heading straight up. at cape may, new jersey, shade and umbrellas ruled the day. and in new york whether you've got two legs or four, you've got to stay cool. >> some suntan lotion. this guy likes it, too. and we're set.
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>> reporter: independence day weekend in ocean city, maryland, means the freedom to hit the beach. >> i come to the beach when it's hot so i can meet some cute boys. >> there's girls here. >> reporter: temperatures throughout the northeast are predicted to climb steadily as the hot, dry air hunkers down making some places feel more like the desert. here in the midwest cities like chicago have been enjoying this hot, dry, holiday weather. forecasters say it's about to change. a band of heavy thunderstorms is expected to drop as much as 5 inches of rain with residents in some places being warned of localized flooding. but the northeast will swelter. some love it. in stone harbor, new jersey, they slatherred on the sunscreen and built sand castles. some built their own ski ball machine. for some, though, it's just too darned hot. stay hydrated, my friends. for "today," kevin tibbles, nbc
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news, chicago. well, let's break it all down. just how hot will it get today and how long will the heat wave last? scott williams is in. good morning, lester. we'll find temperatures in the 90s and triple digits again up and down the east coast. the reason being we have this old-fashioned upper level ridge here in place from the southeast into the northeast and that is causing all of the heat and the humidity that will build in the days to come. we're looking at 90s for your high temperatures today in raleigh. also, the nation's capital, we'll be in the upper 90s and triple digits through the middle part of the week and places like philadelphia and new york city, 99 degrees today. by tuesday, 100 degrees. it looks like we will see a break in the heat as we move into the latter part of the week. certainly with that area of high pressure comes along some dangerous humidity and also some heat index values. so just take it easy. drink plenty of water and find a good shade spot because it won't
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be until the latter part of the week before we see the break in the heat. l lester? once again, here's amy. thank you. today president obama is setting his sights on a number of hot button issues after celebrating the fourth of july at the white house. nbc's mike viqueira has details. >> reporter: president obama hits the road again this week to tackle two very pressing concerns. what to do about the still shaky economy and what to do to help democrats who face difficult re-election battles in the fall. president obama hosting military families for an evening of fun and fireworks on the white house south lawn. >> michelle and i couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate america's birthday and with america's extraordinary men and women in uniform and your families. >> reporter: but as the weekend celebration ends, concerns about the economy grow with the jobless rate still high and a surprisingly weak real estate market, there are new fears of a
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double dip recession. >> nothing is more important than reversing the damage of the great recession and getting folks back to work. >> reporter: this week the president will be talking jobs and growth in two more trips outside the beltway, combining po politics and policy. mr. obama will give speeches on the economy in kansas city and las vegas. and amid predictions of major democratic losses in the fall elections, the president also plans to raise big money for embattled allies including nevada's harry reid, the top democrat in the senate, now locked in a tough race for another term. the holiday weekend also saw a surprise trip to baghdad by the vice president and mrs. biden. the pair visited a military dining hall and as u.s. forces prepare for withdrawal, mr. biden met with top iraqi officials. >> i really absolutely believe they're going to get a government and it's going to be a sustainable government. >> reporter: the bidens were also on hand when a group of foreign born u.s. troops were
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sworn in as american citizens. >> i hereby declare -- >> right now i'm a u.s. citizen, and i'm happy to be a u.s. citizen. >> reporter: but near the end of the visit, a scare. >> duck and cover. >> reporter: explosions were heard from somewhere nearby the u.s. embassy. nbc's andrea mitchell was there. >> reporter: iraqi police say five mortar rounds were fired near or at the embassy compound. but the vice president, officials say, was safe and no one was injured. >> reporter: and in afghanistan, a change in command. general david petraeus officially taking charge of allied forces after his predecessor general stanley mcchrystal resigned in the wake of controversy. general petraeus told troops the war is a test of wills with the taliban. >> and we are in this to win. that is our clear objective. >> reporter: and, amy, before he hits the road on thursday, the president will welcome the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu here to the white house on tuesday.
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on the table, trying to encourage direct talks between the israelis and the palestinians. amy? >> mike viqueira at the white house, thank you. and while most americans are enjoying a day off today, thousands of u.s. troops are fighting two wars abroad in afghanistan and iraq. retired colonel jack jacobs is an nbc news military analyst and the recipient of the medal of honor, the highest honor. >> good morning. >> i wonder if you could give us a status report of sorts on afghanistan, operation enduring freedom now has become america's longest war surpassing even the vietnam war. that's pretty remarkable. how do we get to this point? >> we've had great success in the very beginning, drove the taliban out in '02 with the help of the northern alliance with the afghans doing most of the outside work and heavy lifting with our assistance. and then we ignored the place for the next seven years, so it's not surprising, therefore, that we're going to have to make that time up if we're going to be as successful as we were almost a decade ago. so we wasted about seven years not paying attention to
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afghanistan. >> and general petraeus now in command, ceremonies taking place yesterday in kabul marking that, are he's made some pretty damaging criticisms of the former commander general mcchrystal in a very public way. what do you make of this transition? what can we expect? >> it's interesting. remember, general mcchrystal worked for general petraeus. general petraeus was his supervisor and was in control then, too. we had some problems down in the south in kandahar and hellemond province, a big push to get the taliban out. it didn't work very well. i think if you'll see any changes, it's going to be a renewed offensive down in the south. >> and yet there's been a lot of debate about president obama's deadline for pulling out of afghanistan in 2011. is that a realistic goal in your opinion? >> well, everybody thinks we're going to start pulling out next summer, and we are going to begin withdrawing some combat troops, conventional combat troops. but the president's already made a commitment -- and petraeus has, too -- that they're going
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to stay until the job is done. to that end, lots more special operations forces. mobile teams particularly in the southern areas i described, kandahar and hellemond. we're going to withdraw some conventional troops but we'll be there with unconventional troops and advisers for quite some time. >> vice president joe biden spent his fourth of july in baghdad visiting with troops and actual actually took part in the naturalization of 156 service members who earned their citizenship through service to the nation. how far does that go in terms of morale? >> the troops always love to see the high-powered guys come down and pay attention to them. this administration has not been as good as the previous one in that regard. the high-powered guys need to get down there more often because the troops like to think that people are watching, the guys who sent them there, are paying attention. at the end of the day what helps is success on the ground.
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they fight to accomplish the mission. they fight for the united states. most of all, they fight for each other. success on the ground is good for morale. >> you have reason to celebrate this evening. in fact, you will throw out the first pitch at the mets game tonight. >> can you believe that? >> tell us about that. >> some brand-new troops, about a dozen, are going to take the oath of office on citi field and buster hagenbach, the superintendent of the united states military academy and i will be there administering the oath of office. it's very, very exciting to get new troops. i look back when i was their age. it's almost difficult to believe i ever was their age. i was at one point. it brings membories back of firt going into the service. it's nice to have young, dedicated soldiers. >> are troops getting enough support from the home front? >> yes. you can always use more. there's no such thing as too
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much support. but there's a great deal of focus on the troops. part of the reason is the american public by and large doesn't have much skin in the game. only 0.5% is in uniform in a country over 300 million. we really don't have enough troops in uniform. that's up to the congress. emotionally troops know everyone is behind him. >> loosening up your arm. >> if i do that, my arthritis will kick in. >> colonel jack jacobs, good luck tonight. >> thank you. a check of the other top stories. peter alexander is filling in for ann at the news desk. jack, good luck with that pitch tonight. >> thank you. all right. moving on to serious news now investigators from the national trons portation safety board are searching for the cause of a deadly air ambulance crash that happened in west texas. officials said the pilot tried to make an emergency landing shortly after takeoff sunday but hit a rut in a muddy field. the pilot was killed along with an elderly patient and his wife as well as two nurses. one spectator was killed sunday and 23 others injured
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when a pair of horses pulling a wagon trampled spectators at a parade in bellevue, iowa. the horses bolted when one horse rubbed its head against another knock i knocking off its bridle. today in northwestern pakistan officials said soldiers stopped three of the four suicide bombers who tried to attack a paramilitary base. the first bomber detonated at the gate killing one soldier. guards shot the three other attackers, one of them in a car, two others on foot. 24 steelworkers were killed in central china sunday when officials said a shuttle bus taking them to their night shift jobs caught fire. and secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in the republic of georgia this morning, the last leg of her five-day visit to eastern europe. clinton will try to reassure georgia it still has america's support even though the u.s. is trying to improve its relations with russia. three months after a plane crash killed polish president
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lech kaczynski and 95 others, his identical twin brother was narrowly defeated in the election to fill his seat. the winner is a moderate conservative work to go push through economic reforms favored by western bankers. the ruling party of mexican
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good morning. here in washington, around the region, we have the humidity up a little bit on this monday morning, the fifth day of july. now 74 in washington and pleasant temperatures generally around the region in the 60s to 70s near the waters. highs today reaching the mid- and upper 90s with lots of sunshine. it will be a bit more humid. and rather humid on tuesday with highs near 100 with lots of sun. then sweltering humidity on wednesday and toward the end of the week, highs wednesday, upper 90s. near 90 thursday with some much-needed rain. and that's a look at your weather. lester? >> scott, thanks. now to day 77 of the disaster in the gulf. bp says it has spent more than
7:17 am
$3 billion to try to stop the flow of oil from that busted pipe and to settle damage claims. nbc's ron mott is in pensacola, florida. ron, good morning. >> reporter: lester, good morning to you. last night there was a beautiful fireworks show over the beach you can see behind me. this morning an ugly reality is back on center stage as the oil spewing into the gulf for 77 days department take the night off. from the shores of pensacola dps to the marshes of louisiana, fireworks danced across gulf coast skies, tradition reflected in the oil infused water below. earlier in the day in the same waters a less celebratory scene. day 76 of oil clouding the sea, a fight to contain it growing in size and intensity. for a second day a giant skimmer, so-called "a whale" continued its trial run t. has the potential to pick up 20 million gallons of oil tainted water per day. workers replaced boom damaged by the effects of hurricane alex. >> it is keeping us busy.
7:18 am
we enjoy being able to be part of the solution. >> reporter: this weekend a solution for tar balls that come ashore literally came together in grand isle, louisiana. >> a sand cleaning operation, brings in oily sand on one end, we wash it twice, and clean sand goes out the other end and the oil and water off the side. >> reporter: elsewhere on gulfport, mississippi's beach, it seems everything was cast aside except for cleanup crews n. alabama amy wright tried to pull the oil spill aside at least for the holiday. >> i don't think that being angry or mad is going to help anything. i just want to know what i can do to help. >> reporter: that same spirit dominated this family's reunion on pensacola beach. about 100 of them kept their once every five year get together intact vowing not to let the spill spoil a cherished
7:19 am
tradition. >> this means everything and shows how strong our family bond is. we've ridden out hurricanes, oil. we just keep getting together. >> reporter: and while the beaches here may not be picture perfect because of oil, the clan made certain this familiy affai was. and there may be more cheers here on florida's beaches because there are no new signs of oil here. forecasts call for strong southeasterly winds which, unfortunately for alabama and mississippi, keeps the oil off their coast. lester? >> ron mott, thanks. just ahead, did kyron horman's stepmother try to hire someone to kill his father? the latest twist tied to the 7-year-old's mysterious disappearance.
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we are back with the bizarre end to this year's nathan's famous hot dog eating contest at
7:22 am
new york's coney island. >> joey chestnut ate 54 hot dogs in ten minutes to win his fourth consecutive title. his victory was overshadowed by the arrest of his archrival takeru kobayashi. he rushed the stage and had to be wrestled off by police. he wasn't a contestant this it year. >> right. he was barred from the contest because he had a contract dispute with major league eating. he wasn't supposed to compete. he wanted to anyway. you can see what happened. we'll talk about it all with joey chestnut when he stops by. well-being.
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good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. it's 7:26 on this monday, the fifth day of july. in the news for today, a metro bus t-boned a car that ran a red light, causing the car to explode in flames and the bus to lose control and crash into several parked cars. the car that allegedly ran the red light had stoning license plates. this happened near pennsylvania and potomac avenue southeast early this morning. the passengers on the bus and the bus driver suffered minor injuries. the driver of the vehicle with
7:27 am
the stolen license plates is listed this morning in guarded condition. we'll take a break and come back and look at our weather and traffic.
7:28 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. another heat wave is with us. temperatures right now in the 60s and low 70s climbing into the upper 90s today with lots of sun, sunny and hot today as we as tomorrow and and on wednesday
7:29 am
with increased humidity. >> as we travel around the area, we have an accident and it is shutting down rhode island avenue. that's a structure fire between north capital and first. joe, back to you. >> thanks very much. get your weekday
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♪ i want your loving and i want your revenge ♪ 7:30 on this monday morning, july 5th, 2010. we check out the view from the top of the rock. it's going to be near 100 degrees in just a few short hours. by the way, that music is our way of reminding you lady gaga will be here for a live concert on the plaza this friday on "today." meanwhile, i'm amy robach alongside lester holt. matt and meredith have the day off. the latest on the disappearance of 7-year-old kyron horman. this morning a bizarre new twist in the case.
7:31 am
a report that his stepmother reportedly tried to hire a landscaper to kill the boy's father. we'll have more on that in just a moment. also ahead, flying into the face of danger. a ride with the elite team of highly trained u.s. airmen known as the pedros who wage on to save troops. a new member into the joy fit club. how she managed to lose 100 pounds and more importantly how she kept it off for 12 years. >> but let's begin this half hour with that bizarre development connected to the disappearance of kyron horman, a report that his stepmother may have tried to pay someone to kill her husband, the little boy's father. here's nbc's miguel almaguera. >> reporter: after 7-year-old kyron horman disappeared, many began to wonder if his stepmom, terri horman, could have been involved. now sources tell an oregon newspaper terri tried to hire a hitman to kill her husband, kaine horman, the little boy's father. a murder-for-hire plot that
7:32 am
according to "the oregonian" terri tried to carry out with the family's landscaper six to seven months before kyron disappeared. >> this is a game changer because it now allows the district attorney to potentially invite her and arrest her and prosecute her for a class "a" felony without necessarily jeopardizing the ultimate kyron horman case. >> reporter: it terri horman offered the gardener, quote, a large sum of money to carry out the execution. when police went undercover, she reportedly shut down the conversation and later denied the allegations to investigators who have not commented publicly on the story. when kyron's father allegedly learned of the murder-for-hire plot from investigators, he moved out of the home he shared with terri, took their 19-month-old daughter with him and filed for divorce. kaine horman was grant add restraining order that won't allow terri access to any of her
7:33 am
kids. according to the sheriff, horman had been cooperating with kyron's case. >> she has been cooperative throughout this entire process. beyond that, i couldn't comment. >> reporter: kyron's biological father and mother seem to disagree begging publicly for her to cooperate. >> we implore terri horman to fully cooperate with the investigators to bring kyron home. >> reporter: although she hasn't made a public statement, we do know more about terri horman's past. the former body builder is twice divorced. her first marriage ending amid allegations of adultery. in 1998 she filed a restraining order against her first husband citing his drug use saying no parenting time due to use of meth, use of needles, was aids positive, then said he's negative now. >> i would not be surprised if the allegations are what they've been reported to be that there could be an indictment from a grand jury. >> reporter: despite all of the
7:34 am
speculation and allegations regarding terri horman, investigators seem no closer to finding 7-year-old kyron. for "today," miguel almaguera, nbc news, los angeles. >> susan is an nbc analyst. this alleged murder-for-hire plot by kyron's stepmother, what impact does this twist now have on the disappearance of kyron? >> well, the investigation had already turned from a missing person into a criminal investigation and i think it reinforces law enforcement's suspicion that kyron has met a nefarious end. >> we have no verification from the school that he actually showed up in his classroom, this clearly thickens the cloud of suspicion around her. what are her lawyers up against at this point? >> well, what her lawyers need
7:35 am
to do is they need to insulate her from further damaging being tried in the court of public opinion. they need to keep her from speaking. they need to preserve her fifth amendment rights. she just can't talk. she has to remain silent. that's very, very difficult when she needs to cooperate with authorities and help find kyron. this is where her rights to remain silent and her need to provide information clearly conflict. >> and this alleged murder-for-hire plot came to light from this landscaper interviewed by police. he claims she came to him six months prior to him coming out. does that give him a credibility problem that he stayed silent despite kyron's disappearance and some of the questions that were surround iing his stepmoth? >> not necessarily. we don't know why he stayed silent. maybe he had a fear or didn't realize the seriousness or how this put light on the missing boy. we don't know why the delay. certainly law enforcement is taking the statement very seriously.
7:36 am
>> when kyron's father, kaine, heard, he left with their 18-month-old daughter, filed for divorce, filed a restraining order. what would it take for a judge to agree to that restraining order for him to take at least t temporary custody of the order? >> the judge would have to hear a serious threat of eminent harm. when you say my wife has hired someone to kill me, the court will take that seriously and say, yes, you need to be protected and have no contact from this person. >> so far terri has not been named a suspect. she hasn't even been named a person of interest and yet we hear about these new allegations and that she was the last person to find kyron alive. do you find that odd? >> law enforcement has no responsibility to the public to say what they're doing with the investigation. what they're doing behind the scenes and what they tell us are two different things. so what they're saying to the press and what they're doing, you don't need to be concerned about that. >> and at this point, i know you mentioned that given the fact that it's been over a month since kyron disappeared,
7:37 am
statistics will show it's probably not a good sign for his parents who are so obviously hoping for his safe return. >> that's the saddest part of this. we do know that when children go missing as time goes by it's not a good thing when they're not returned safely quickly, and i do -- that is the worst part of this job commenting on these cases. now that we know there's a bad twist in the news in this case and he's still not found, it's just not hopeful, and i'm sorry to say that. >> no, and it is certainly sad. i'm curious with the new allegations surrounding his stepmother, will the police or investigators have some way to convince her to talk if she does have information given what she may be facing now in addition to potential other charges? >> she should obviously do the right thing and she should cooperate with authorities regardless of the outcome to herself. now as her defense lawyer, that's not the advice you're going to give her. but from law enforcement's point of view to find this little boy and bring this case to justice, that's what she should clearly do. there are competing interests in this case. saving her own skin and doing
7:38 am
the right thing by this little boy. >> all right, susan filan, thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> you bet roomt let's get a check of the weather from the weather channel's scott williams. good morning, scott. certainly we'll continue to monitor the heat in parts of the mi
7:39 am
good morning. i'm storm center 4 meteorologist tom kierein. and here in washington, now 74 degrees. in prince george's county, near 70. in the 60s to near 70 in arlington, fairfax, and montgomery counties. highs today will soar into the upper 90s with lots of sunshine. tomorrow, sunny and hot up to 100. very humid midweek, and toward the end of the week where we'll have an increasing chance of some much-needed rain. maybe showers and thundershowers thursday, friday, saturday, and and of course for more weather you can logon 24 hours a day to out here on the plaza this morning, we have a birthday. tell us where you're from. >> atlanta, georgia. >> what's your name? >> ford. >> welcome. also, we have some friends here from ohio. what's your name? >> kara, caleb and lisa. >> thanks so much. we have an active crowd here on the plaza this morning. stay cool, folks. all right. now back to you, amy. all right, scott, thank you. just ahead the new discovery in
7:40 am
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we're back at 1y7 43 with some of the unsung heroes of the u.s. military effort in afghanistan. an elite group who put their own lives on the line to rescue wounded troops. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in kabul, afghanistan, for us this morning. richard, good morning. . >> reporter: good morning, lester. the death toll in this war has continued to rise month after month, but it would be a lot higher if it weren't for the air rescue crews widely considered the finest in the world. they are among the u.s. military's most elite highly trained airmen. their specialty is combat rescue, flying onto battlefields
7:44 am
under fire to recover wounded troops. >> the quicker we can get them to the operating room, the better their chances for survival. that's back home in paramedicine, that's out here on the battlefield. >> reporter: officially they're combat paramedics but the air men go but the unit's nickname the pedros. any soldier will tell you if you're hurt in combat, you want the pedros coming for you. we joined the pedros on more than a dozen missions in the most volatile regions of southern afghanistan. almost as soon as we arrived the airmen are called for a category alpha, the most urgent mission, when a casualty's life, limb, or eyesight is in immediate danger. they suit up and take off almost immediately. the pilots fly fast and aggressively. to better see dangers on the ground the crews leave the helicopter doors open. feet dangling out, kept in by
7:45 am
"g" force and straps. matt scholar has been on more than 75 missions like this. >> flying out there, it's so dynamic. thinking i'm looking outside the aircraft looking for threats. i mean, we're still vulnerable as we fly over. people still want to take pot shots at us so i'm scanning for threats. >> reporter: a british soldier shot in the neck. the rescue team gives him pain medicine. fluids, oxygen, and holds his hand. he's squeezing back. it's a good sign. they transfer the british soldier to a hospital and are off again. in six weeks the pedros have flown 600 missions in southern afghanistan and saved 150 lives. they just received another call. this crew's goal is to evacuate every casualty from the battlefield to a hospital within one hour. they call it the golden hour because it's during this window when the patient has the best chance of survival.
7:46 am
>> these patients are in such a bad state that they need to get to a facility as soon as possible so we give ourselves that one-hour window. >> reporter: commanders say if a patient makes it to the hospital within the golden hour, he has more than a 95% chance of survival. combat medicine has come a long way. the pedros treat afghan civilians with the same urgency. this afghan child fell down a well. he has severe internal bleeding. senior airman jeremy mcdonald stabilizes him and keeps him calm with a stuffed animal. >> i want to get out here and do something i knew was void of any type of political influence or any other type of influence out there. you're just taking kids that are injured and getting them home to their family and, you mo, i feel good about that. >> reporter: between missions the crews maintain their equipment, prep their helicopters, and work out. >> when a call comes, it's flip that switch. it's go time. >> reporter: in afghanistan these days, it's often go time.
7:47 am
they've received another category alpha. an american convoy has been hit by an ied. one american is severely injured. details about his condition are radioed in as the helicopter speeds to the blast site at 100 miles an hour. >> lower extremities, bleeding, medic on site. >> reporter: they quickly locate the site just a few miles off base. >> visual. visu visual. looks like they got an ied site. >> reporter: the helicopter kicks up dust as it lands, a blinding brownout, but it's too late. the soldier is dead. on the way back to base, they cover him with an american flag and tenderly keep a hand rested on the fallen soldier throughout the flight. >> you see these guys this happens to and it's just tragic. oftentimes what i'll do is say i'm sorry, whisper it to myself and to the patient, to the body.
7:48 am
>> reporter: staff sergeant scott dowd has been on ten missions that ended like this one, each weighs on him. >> it's a person. it's no different from me or anybody else that's out there actually putting a lot of stuff on the line, you know, families back home and there's a lot of people counting on them to come back be a they're not. >> reporter: on base the fallen soldier is given a final salute as the pedros take off to try to save the next casualty of war. unfortunately, there is no immunity on battlefields anymore. last month one of the pedro's helicopters was shot down in southern afghanistan. four crew members were killed. lester? >> what an amazing, remarkable people. it is humbling to watch what they're doing. i want to shift gears a little bit and ask you about general petraeus. i know he formally took over command of the mission in afghanistan yesterday. he's essentially saying nothing is going to change in terms of u.s. strategy but i understand you're picking up inklings that may not be the case. >> reporter: absolutely.
7:49 am
we're hearing from afghan officials and from some senior military officials that the new strategy could change and that a deal could be in the works, potentially a negotiated settlement with the taliban and other militant factions in this country. it would take a long time. it's still fairly disorganized. there are no clear channels of negotiation but going forward over this next year the indications we're getting is that the u.s. military, nato, and the taliban could be working for some sort of political arrangement. >> and then looking ahead a year, july of 2011 is the date the president has set to begin withdrawal. how is that sitting with the troops you're talking to? >> reporter: senior commanders are very nervous about this deadline. they see it as a direct deadline on their performance, that if the u.s. military and anywnato general does not show progress in this country by next year, they think that the white house, the american people, will
7:50 am
ultimately lose interest in this war and probably pull the plug. so they feel it is a deadline for performance and that they're under the gun. >> richard, thanks for sharing the story about the pedros. an incredible story. we'll take a break and be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] when you drink pepsi, you support the pepsi refresh project. so, this 4th of july, choose pepsi. ♪ so, this 4th of july, choose pepsi. have you tried honey bunches of oats yet? every spoonful is a little different. mmm.
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our time right now 8:55. in the news 4 today, mandatory water restrictions in montgomery and prince george's county remain in place at this hour. wss crews are working around the clock to try to fix a broken water main. tests need to be done before the water restrictions can actually be lifted. well, metro's taken dozens of rail cars out of service to check for a potentially dangerous problem. about 100 cars were pulled for inspection over the weekend. metro says some of the doors call open while the train is moving. we'll take a break and come back and look at our weather and traffic our after this.
7:57 am
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visit today. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein.
7:59 am
at the 8:00 hour, temperatures are now climbing into the 70s and we'll hit the upper 90s later today with lots of sunshine, sunny, and hot tomorrow up around 100. and getting very humid midweek. highs into the upper 90s on wednesday. and some much-needed rain perhaps on thursday. highs near 90 could get some passing showers and thundershowers. and looks like that's going to be the story into the weekend. ashley, how's the traffic? >> outbound rhode island avenue remains shut down between north capital and first due to a structure fire. but everywhere else, very quiet. capital beltway, no worries headed away from us into virginia. >> get every weekday started with "news 4 today." tune in when you wake up tomorrow morning at 4:30 for all the day's news, weather, and traffic.
8:00 am
♪ 8:00 now on a monday morning, the 5th of july, 2010. rockefeller plaza is packed with fine folks still having their fourth of july celebrations. we're delighted to have them. we hope you had a great fourth. it's a warm, warm morning. on the verge of a heat wave the next couple of days. and things are really going to heat up friday on "today" when lady gaga stops by for a live concert here on the plaza. if you're in the neighborhood, stop on by. i think you will be in good company.
8:01 am
meantime, out on the plaza i am lester holt alongside amy robach. matt and meredith enjoying the day off. there is gold in them there hills. an old gold mine down that could have people flocking there once again. >> and the newest member of the joy fit club at 5'1" this teacher is 100 pounds lighter. just ahead she will share the secrets to her success. and we want to remind folks about what do you care about today. we have partnered with the pepsi refresh project to give away a grant to a designing nonprofit. if you want to learn more about our finalists and vote for your favorite go to our website the voting ends tomorrow. we'll announce the winner wednesday here on "today." time now to get a check of the morning's top stories. ann has the morning off. peter alexander is filling in at the news desk. good morning to you. the ntsb is investigating
8:02 am
the crash of an air ambulance that happened during an emergency landing in west texas. the pilot was trying to put the plane down in a muddy field early sunday morning when the plane hit a rut. it flipped and then burned. the crash killed the pilot, two nurses, as well as an elderly patient and his wife. forecasters say bad weather is slowing the bp oil cleanup off the coast of alabama, mississippi, and florida, and it's like ly to last well into the week. onshore beach cleanup crews are making progress. bp says it has spent more than $3 billion so far trying to stop the oil leak and to settle damage claims. an american geologist detained and tortured for collecting information on china's oil industry database has been sentenced to eight years behind bars. afterwards, the u.s. embassy released a statement urging china to grant xue feng a human itarian release and to deport him immediately. american secretary of state
8:03 am
hillary clinton arrived in the former russian state of georgia today, pledging american support to georgia, still recovering from a russian military invasion in 2008. clinton says georgia has made progress in fighting corruption and developing democracy. this is the last leg of clinton's five-day trip to eastern europe. the new u.s. commander in afghanistan may have only months to show progress in turning back insurgents. general david petraeus, who assumed command sunday, is mindful of president obama's desire to start withdrawing troops in july 2011. but he says the u.s. is engaged in a test of wills. meantime, one member of nato's secure force was killed sunday by a bombing in southern afghanistan. and 71 people fittingly chose america's birth date to become american citizens. at the home of the founding fathers, the groups from more than 30 countries stood on the steps of thomas jefferson's home in monticello as part of the
8:04 am
annual fourth of july celebration and naturalization ceremony. congratulations to them. it is 8:03 right now. back outside to lester and amy. >> peter, thanks very much. scott williams from the weather channel is filling in for al. he has the latest on the hot forecast. zmot good morning, lester and amy. even though we're in the midst of a heat wave, that is not keeping one young lady from living her dream this morning. good morning. is your dream to come to the "today" show, correct? what's your name? >> eloise. >> and you're 81 years young. >> lauren. >> and ben, her son. >> thanks so much for joining us. let's take a quick check of your
8:05 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein here on this monday. we've got the heat cranking up. now it's into the upper 70s throughout washington and throughout much of the region, well into the 70s now. we'll hit the 90s later today with lots of sunshine. a bit more humid today and again tomorrow. and it will be near 100 on tuesday afternoon and upper 90s on wednesday, but the thing on wednesday is going to be increased humidity. it's going to be sweltering as well as on thursday and into the weekend, and the good news is, some much-needed r and that's a look at your weather. lester? >> scott, thanks very much. still ahead on "today," renting a friend. we'll take a look at an unusual website that lets you do just that plus we'll meet the newest
8:06 am
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we're back now with "look at me now the joy fit club" and the induction of our newest member, a 46-year-old teacher from pittsburgh, pennsylvania, who lost 100 pounds and has kept it off for 12 years. >> hi. my name is fran, and my struggle with obesity began in college. unhealthy eating combined with a sedentary lifestyle led me to gain 100 pounds in four years. my weight affected me both physically and emotionally. people treat you differently when you're obese. i tried to lose the weight, but i always made excuses for why the diets weren't working. my weight came after a fall landed me in the hospital.
8:10 am
looking at my x-rays i saw how tiny my bones were compared to my fleshy arms and legs. it was only after seeing myself from the inside out that i decided to take action. i replaced fats, sugars and salt, with healthier options and i started exercising. i now view food as nutrition for my body instead of eating out of s sadness or frustration. i have kept the weight off for 12 years and i have learned if i can accomplish this, i can do anything in life. it's mind over matter, baby. >> she said it. "today" contributor joy bauer is a nutritionist. joy, good morning. before we ask fran to come out and reveal herself, let's talk about the three major steps she took to lose this weight and keep it off. >> and keep in mind this is a woman who used to describe herself as unhealthy, awkward, and sluggish. and now she is healthy and filled with energy. so so the three steps she did that
8:11 am
led to this incredible success, she lost all the liquid, sugary calories. >> is this how much she would drink in one day? >> one day. six glasses of soda and six glasses of sugary iced tea. a lot of people think because it's not soda and it's tea, it's not loaded with sugar. so she shaved off just from this each and every day 1,0600 calories. >> wow. >> she got rid of all the unhealthy, fried foods. she is doing a bowl of oatmeal. no more fried chicken sandwiches and loads of french fries. again, just from losing the fried stuff she shaved off more than 1,500 calories. and, step three, was all about the exercise. >> working out. >> she started a couple of minutes each day. that's all she was able to do on the eliliptical machine. now every single day she is on
8:12 am
there for at least 50 minutes burning about 475 calories. she's incredible and she's kept it off for 12 years. >> it's about medical equation, caloric intake versus outtake. >> the weight falls off. and she's going to blow you away. >> in fact, i'm ready to be blown away. i want to look at fran one last time before so we can really get an idea. there she is before. >> you will not recognize her. >> fran, come on out. wow. you look amazing. >> it's a different person. >> it's great to be here. thank you for having me on the show. >> fran, i have to ask you, looking at you now and knowing how you felt the past 12 years, what was it like to see those old photos and the way were you for so long? >> well, i felt i was trapped in a fat prison. now i feel that freedom has arrived. the shackles have been shed, have been lifted. >> absolutely. and so when you were in that period of time, you said it
8:13 am
started in college, the freshman 15 became the freshman 100 and you couldn't get it off, you had a lot of insensitive comments hurled at you. you say it was those comments in a way that motivated you later. >> i had somebody that told me, that made such an insensitive comment to me that said i have such a pretty face but you're too fat to date my son. who says that to somebody? >> yeah, how do you take that and how did you make that a positive thing? >> i cried silent tears and i had to learn how to forgive myself first and then others in order to move on. >> lots of people can lose weight, but they can't keep it off. what would you say the secret to your success is for all those at home thinking i lost it but gained it right back again? >> you can't have excuses and results. you must choose. >> you must choose. >> and also you take one day at a time. it is just as hard to maintain the weight loss as it is to lose it and she works -- i know you work every single day at this. and the payoffs are huge. >> it never goes away.
8:14 am
>> and on a holiday weekend when there's tons of food just like this, how do you say no? >> portion control is the key. i don't want to go back to a size 22. so a lot of times that memory alone motivates me. >> well, fran, congratulations. >> thank you. >> a hug. you are fantastic. joy, thanks for your tips and spelling out how fran did what she did. all right. and we are back in just a moment. and now, you have the power... [ giggling ] to help significantly extend his healthy years. a groundbreaking 14-year study by purina... proves that puppy chow, then dog chow nutrition, fed properly over a lifetime, can help extend his lovable antics... up to 1.8 healthy years. [ barks ] long live your buddy. oh, max! long live your dog. purina puppy chow and purina dog chow. to get more of the fiber you need every day, try fiberchoice. with the natural fiber found in fruits and vegetables and 33% more fiber per serving than benefiber.
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it's the $1,000 rebate you can receive, which you could use to buy something new in your life, or put it right in the bank. ♪ remodel and renew with a rebate of up to $1,000 when you buy select ge profile appliances. back now at 8:17 with "today's american story" with bob dotson. an old gold mining town where its lucrative history may be
8:18 am
repeating itself. >> reporter: out here the past is not past. it tilts into the wind marking the spot where 5,000 people once perched on a mother lode of gold. >> 27 saloons and three newspapers and every kind of a story you can imagine. >> reporter: now memories are all earl fred minds. >> even the tiniest little flake will stay in there. it won't work out. >> reporter: about 90 people live amid the debris of this once thriving mining camp. >> my great-grandpa, my grandpa and my dad all worked there. >> reporter: now she does, too. >> all the old-timers said there was much more gold in that mountain than ever came out. >> reporter: because the mine flooded a century ago covering 20 miles of track.
8:19 am
how deep does it get? >> this is about it. >> reporter: a canadian company rx exploration bought it for a bit more than a million bucks and started draining the water. previous managers said the mine had played out. but mike gunzinger figured -- >> they were ligd. >> reporter: you think they were holding their hand close? >> most definitely. the first five we drilled, we had gold. >> reporter: half a mile to the mother lode. how much money is in that or sne. >> every blast we take, we take out probably about $100,000. >> reporter: from a newly discovered vein overlooked in the goldrush digs. the old guys didn't get it all. >> they missed by about 80 feet. >> reporter: dottie cruz borrowed money to buy a pick axe
8:20 am
for the first mine in drumlum drumlummon. >> they thought he was nuts. >> reporter: most gold was panned in creeks. by the end of the 19th century miners hacked $16 million out of that hole. >> these are uncles. it would be wonderful to have that mine just, you know, aglow again. >> reporter: not all the neighbors share in this goldrush nostalgia. they love the town's history but prefer the ghosts remain quiet. some people wonder what all this digging and draining will do to their water. other miners who came before left behind an environmental mess. >> they're spending $3.5 million to clean up mine waste in the great divide. >> reporter: sherry long doesn't trust the company to have a cleanup plan given what happened with the oil spill in the gulf. >> the history of cleanup and reclamation in montana hasn't been stellar.
8:21 am
>> they should not distrust us because we've made it better so far. >> reporter: cleaning arsenic laced water that's been leaching from the old mine for 60 years. >> probably better than some of the water around here once it comes out of the mine. >> reporter: the company is not in full production yet. it's still exploring. the miners could be a foot away from a million bucks. or a million feet from a dollar. >> my goodness. >> reporter: mike got the results of their first dig while we were there. >> holy smokes. >> reporter: it came wrapped up like a russian doll. the first of 44 ounces, worth about $50,000, sent from the mill in the mail. they mailed it in? >> they mailed it in. we're in montana, you know. >> reporter: and feeling lucky. for "today," bob dotson, nbc news, with "an american story."
8:22 am
>> the two of us know about the quest for gold. remember for "weekend today" we went gold panning. >> we almost quit our jobs because we got so much gold. or not. not a lot of gold left but it was fun trying. >> it was. >> a popular tourist destination with world class restaurants and now many of the top chefs are pooling their talents through a new initiative to help feed the hungry. nbc's kerry sanders has the story. >> reporter: there is picturesque charleston and then, like other cities in this country -- >> all right, guys. >> reporter: -- the unseen and unspoken charleston, the homeless and the hungry. who one year ago faced a difficult challenge. the soup kitchens in the city face their own economic reality. >> the decision was to close one day, to not serve meals one day a week after 25 years of not missing a meal. >> reporter: that bothered mickey. >> ladies and gentlemen, can i
8:23 am
welcome you all to the restaurant, to the charleston grill. >> reporter: he's the general manager at one of the city's five-star restaurants. >> your plate is a little hot so do be careful. >> reporter: what caused you to say, we need to do something? >> what causes people to say and do nothing? plain and simple. we need to do something. we can do something. >> all right, guys. we're getting ready for another 12 top, please. >> reporter: mickey asked michelle weaver and her team at the charleston grill to donate not money -- time. >> put the bread in that, please. >> reporter: and skills. if the restaurant provided the ingredients wou they cook one meal a year for charleston's hungry. >> let's make them smile. >> reporter: in two days 52 restaurants here accepted that challenge. the year was covered, 25,000 meals. >> it's all made with love. no matter what we do. we make it with love whether it's in the restaurant or here. just feeding people's souls. that's what we're trying to do. >> reporter: and what the
8:24 am
volunteers discovered were the faces of the new homeless, the blackberry toting, the sandal wearing, mothers with newborns. like mrs. hayes with 2-week-old and a 2-year-old. >> it's really hard. it's okay. it's all right. >> reporter: does it bother you when she asks you that question? >> i know she doesn't know exactly what's wrong, but she knows that whenever mommy is crying, whenever mommy cries, there's something. something going on that's not good. >> reporter: but she has confidence things will turn around and she says a great meal from a five-star restaurant helps. >> it does make me feel a lot better when i'm not just eating someone's leftovers. >> we're hanored to be serving you today. >> reporter: mickey bass who start this had program, feed the need, knows what it's like to be at rock bottom. >> alcohol and drugs took me to the gates of hell, to a place so
8:25 am
dark and so awful, i never want to be there again. >> reporter: sober for 27 years and now he has a new addiction that he hopes is contagious. >> with the help of people all around america, this could become a movement. my god. >> reporter: for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, charleston, south carolina. >> what a fantastic program. i lived in charleston, south carolina, and they do have some of the best food in the country, so good for them. just ahead, professional stylists share the secrets to getting the most out of your next trip to the salon.
8:26 am
taking a live look outside right now, a pleasant morning, but temperatures are on the rise and they're going to stay that way for several days. good morning, everyone. i'm kimberly suiters. it's 8:26 right now on this monday, july 5th, 2010. in the news today, a metro bus t-boned a car that ran a red light, causing the car to explode into flames. it also forced the bus to lose control and crash into several parked cars. the cars that allegedly ran the red light had stolen license plates. it all happened near pennsylvania and potomac avenue's southeast early this morning. the passengers on the bus and the bus driver suffered minor injuries. the driver of the car is in
8:27 am
guarded condition. your week-long weather and traffic are up next. stay with us.
8:28 am
good morning. the heat is on. already temperatures in the 70s. we have a code red day today for poor air quality. unhealthy air quality this afternoon, if you have a heart or respiratory ailment, stay inside. highs will be reaching the upper 90s with lots of sunshine and a little bit hotter tomorrow. and even on wednesday, increased humidity. ashley, how's the traffic? >> we've got a power outage at alexandria.
8:29 am
south patrick at duke is going to be on flash. use caution around the area. coming back from the eastern shores, no problem. kim, back to you. >> thanks, ashley. we'd like you to get your weekday started with [ woman ] with my diabetes... i make my efforts count... so i switched to the freestyle promise® program... a unique program that gives me... the support i need, free. free access to a certified diabetes educator... so i can ask about diet and the insulin i use. i got a free meter. and test strip discounts. so i can spend more on what i really want.
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i count on the freestyle promise® program. make it count for you! only the freestyle program gives you discounts, support, and more. enroll today. we want you to plan our wedding and honeymoon. we've been engaged for at the point days. he proposed in mexico and did such a good job. we would love for you to plan our wedding and honeymoon, so please pick us. >> 8:30 now on this sunday morning, july 5th, 2010, and that is dawn and brandon from florida making their case to become our 11th "today throws a
8:31 am
wedding" couple. head to or just remember you have until friday to enter. that's it. i'm amy robach out here on the plaza along with lester holt and peter alexander. the usual gang is enjoying their fourth of july holiday at home. just ahead, if you ever spent a lot of money on your new hair style, i know you know exactly what that's like, you want your hair style to last. tricks of the trade. a do it at home so you can make that last a little longer once you leave the salon. and then a way to get new friends, to rent new friends, via the website. you can rent the friendship of a complete stranger. why would someone want to do that, you ask? i'm among those asking. we're going to find out coming up. by the way, speaking of friends, we know one person who has more than enough right now. that's lady gaga and she now on
8:32 am
facebook recently got her 10 millionth follower on facebook, the first living person to have so many friends on the social networking site just in time to add about 5,000 to 10,000 more this friday. lady gaga will perform live for all of her friends right here on her summer concert stage. that is going to be one show that you don't want to miss. i'm going to come down on friday. it's going to be a good day. >> you want to see what she's going to wear. >> she's going to change it up. wardrobe changes. >> enjoy this little space we have around because there will be none on friday. we have a lot to get to this half hour. the weather and scott williams from the weather channel in for al. well, good morning there. and certainly speaking of friends, we have a lot of friends this morning on the plaza and also a special birthday this morning. tell us where you're from? >> ohatchy, alabama. >> are you taking it all in? >> yes, sir. as much as we can. >> hello? >> what's your name? >> vincent price. >> welcome into new york city. also we have -- love your hats. tell us where you're from.
8:33 am
>> greenwood, mississippi. >> all right. well, let's get a quick check of the weather happening across the country. we continue to really monitor the heat here in the mid-atlantic and also parts of the northeast. 99 degrees for your high good morning. we've entered another heat wave and the temperatures already are climbing. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. right now it's 78 in washington, continuing to climb. we'll hit the 90s later today with poor air quality with the building pollution, we'll have a code red. so stay in the ac this afternoon. highs reaching near 100 tomorrow. upper 90s on wednesday. more humidity around midweek. and thankfully, some much-needed rain possible thursday and perhaps into the weekend each day during the afternoon.
8:34 am
and for the latest weather 24 hours a day you can always logon to now let's head down to the nation's capital and get a check on your birthdays with which will ard scott. happy birthday to smucker's, the jam jar spins around. mary sklut of narragansett, rhode island. came from hungary when she was only 10 years old a. very nice, sweet birthday. grace thames of hueytown, al and the secret to longevity is having good genes and exercising. those are levi jeans, way. and lawrence eastman of coos bay, oregon, all kinds of cars
8:35 am
she's painted to people. we wish her happy birthday. lovely lady. here is amy laube. that's a cute name. 100 years old. enjoys going to the beauty shop with all of her friends every week and makes unbelievable swedish desserts which are unbelievable anyway. aquilina bucci, lexington, mass. 100 years old. taught herself how to play bridge, which is a tough game to learn to play anyway, when she was 99 years old. she truly must have a beautiful brain. and dr. moe and anne cohen of pembroke pines,ida. 75 years married. they met on the dance floor, attributing longevity of marriageight. and i'm sorry we don't have the picture. pauline hack of staten island, new york. she is something else because
8:36 am
she is a whistler. very rare talent. that's it. back to new york. all right, willard. thanks very much. up next, making your hair style last longer. celebrity stylists reveal their secrets.
8:37 am
8:38 am
this morning on "today's tricks of the trade" how to make your hair style last longer, a question all women want answered. janice lieberman of "reader's digest" sets out to find out how the pros do it. >> we found out those tricks the hairstylists don't want you to know, ways to save money and time from sitting endless hours at the salon. we met up with several stylists who spilled their secrets. women spend hundreds on their hair every year but it never looks as good as it does when
8:39 am
you leave the hair salon until now. here at the "today" show hairstylists have minutes to get guests ready for air and they know the tricks. after the show we followed stylist jim clinton to the vartali issalon. here is my problem, i want my blow-dry to last. any secrets? >> the problem is you're sleeping, crushing it at night is not a good idea. you need to preserve your blow-drying by pulling your hair up off your head, straight up, one of those scrunchies on it to keep it from being dented. sleep like this. >> and if i have to shower in the morning? >> put a shower cap on. the best results is what i would do is put a towel around your head and then the shower cap. blow-dry this as if your hair why wet, flip your head upside-down and revitalize this, flip it back and look how much body your hair still has in it. this is a great trick.
8:40 am
>> now color costs a fortune and an average of $35 a pop, you want to make it last. we asked i-village contributor and hairstylist to the stars. >> how can i make my color last longer in between treatments? >> if you do have a few gray hairs, you just did your touchup like a week ago, this is a great product. this is a color mascara, works very much like mascara on your eyebrows and you just paint out the gray. it can can be a little darker or lighter. one shampoo and it's gone. >> that's great. really good. >> and no one is going to know. it's our secret. >> how can you stretch a shampoo? myron ginn knows. >> my hair is so oily and gets so dirty so fast, is there anything i can do? >> a dry shampoo would be perfect for your hair. use a spray dry shampoo on the
8:41 am
roots. if you don't have a spray shampoo, use powder. a classic baby powder and talk powder can absorb the oil from your scalp. after that, brush out your hair thoroughly, given the hair a nice vigorous, stimulating treatment and the rest of the hair is still preserved. >> so great, i love it. >> and last, what is a curly do to do? >> one trick i like to tell my customers is to use a light hair spray mist and a protective net like this. you take the hair and wind. also a silk pillowcase and when you wake up in the morning, you take your net off and you'll have silky, shinybouncy hair. >> all great tricks that will save you time and money.
8:42 am
ok okay. when you wake up, these are great tricks and they cost pennies and it will make your hair style last longer. >> something interesting, too, because they always try to get you to buy their shampoos because they say this will help your color last longer. true or not true? >> you can also go cheaper but the point is get one that says for color treated hair. otherwise it's going to strip the color and you're going to have to be back more often. they really do work whether it's expensive or cheap. >> and you also have some more tips, some at-home remedies. why do you have bounce on the tab table? >> do you have static hair? you take a bounce sheet and rub it on your hair. >> and smells good, too. olive oil, please explain. >> this is a cheap but really good deep conditioning. take a half cup of olive oil and boiling water, massage it into your hair, walk around with a cap. also a pretty look. take it off like 10, 15 minutes later and it's really going to be conditioned the natural way. >> all right. we see the hair nets. and then is that a silk
8:43 am
pillowcase? >> it works. if you sleep on a silk cover it will keep the curls, the blow-dry will not get wrinkled and mess up your hair. >> supposed to be good for the wrinkles on your face. >> bonus. >> looks like mascara. >> these are the mascara wands and they come in different colors. when you have roots, you can't get to the hairstylist -- >> what are you talking about? >> not us but other people. you put it in and also if you have -- are really desperate -- >> does it last? >> for the day. but you can take a mascara from your pocketbook if you had to and just touch up the hair line here. it will work and get you through the day until you get to the hairstylist. >> all very, very good tips, janice lieberman. now that we've saved you money on your hair, perhaps you can use the extra cash to buy a friend. up next, the new website where people are actually
8:44 am
[ male announcer ] your tv is starting to feel nervous. it heard what happened to the vcr and the cassette player. and the answering machine. it knows what happens to obsolete technology around here. what you need to help your tv understand is it's not the one that's obsolete. it's the cable technology that's obsolete and fios is the one making it obsolete. it's time for fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities visit at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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8:46 am
we're back at 8:45. a great place to catch up with long lost friends. if you don't have many, you can use the world wide web to buy some new ones. sarah haynes is here to explain. that sounded awful. >> i was just going to say the segway to me was so appropriate. this works for us. the website has been around for nine months but it has grown to more than 2,000 paid members. money may not buy you love but apparently it can buy you friendship. this isn't a blind date. at least not in the traditional sense. jennifer, a married mother with a full-time day job, is being paid to hang out with chris. chris' las vegas schedule makes it hard to meet his friends during the day, so he turned to the website
8:47 am
>> i have friends but we all work different shifts that i figured, why not? give it a try. >> reporter: for a monthly fee members can choose from 100,000 profiles for friends nationwide who will do just about anything platonic for the right price. now would it be fair to call this a sort of escort service? >> no. we make it very clear on the website that it's not an escort site and it's not a dating website. it's platonic friendship companion website where you can strictly get a companion. there's no escort and no dating. >> reporter: friends have been hired as tour guides, dining partners and stand-ins for loved ones in nursing homes. what's your first reaction when i say there's a site called >> sounds normal these days. >> reporter: these days? >> yeah. anything goes. >> i don't need to rent a friend. i have plenty of friends. >> no, i wouldn't rent a friend. a friend is somebody who has a heart connection and i don't think you can rent that. >> i understand people wanting to meet people online. that's one thing. paying to meet someone is a bit strange. >> reporter: strange maybe but
8:48 am
there are some things that friends just don't want to do. >> i haven't had my sister to talk to. >> reporter: i rented arthur gregory. i never talk to my sister anymore. he runs a restaurant on the jersey shore and was willing to listen to me, well, talk. i feel she should have to call me back -- but a friend that you find online really a friend? >> it still makes sense to use that word because it implies somebody who knows something or cares a little and have some form of continuing relationship. that's true online and off line. >> reporter: and if the price is right, these cyber strangers will call you a friend. >> so far so good, yeah. i think i'll stay with it for a while. as long as people want to hang out with me, i'm down to hang out. this is a great way to capitalize on a little bit of my personality. everybody wants to make a little bit of extra money, right? >> for me this was the perfect way to find a person who would listen to me and do things my actual friends and family don't
8:49 am
want to do. you have to be careful, use common sense. >> i don't know how to feel about this. >> it was different. >> it's different. >> but there were a couple scenarios where you had a family that had moved away and they have a person come read to their elderly parent. there were some others i could say, okay. you haven't heard one of my stories, the idea that i had to pay someone may not make sense to you. >> i know you. with you, i guess it. no, kidding. thanks. up next, we'll fire up the grill for three tasty kebab recipes. ♪
8:50 am
[ male announcer ] progress. progress for new york city cab drivers, like ossman ali is being able to carry people, who aren't carrying cash. meaning more convenience for passengers, and more business for cab drivers. all thanks to the ease and freedom of visa digital currency. now that's progress. visa. currency of progress.
8:51 am
this morning on "today's kitchen back to basics" outdoor drilling. the fourth may be over but that doesn't mean we've stopped grilling. it's the summer season we've just begun. the host of food network's cooking for real. sonny, good morning. >> good morning. how are you doing? >> we are doing great and i'm happy food is involved. glad you're here. and we're talking about grilling to kind much of please everyone, right? >> and even though it's after the fourth of july you don't have to retire the grill. we can still grill throughout the summer. i thought we'd lighten it up. >> some kebabs you can take with you. >> i had lamb sliders yesterday. we'll have three different kebabs today. the first with my lamb kebabs.
8:52 am
now inside my lamb is ground lamb right here. i have some oregano, some ground thyme, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and rosemary. and then i have my little secure here. >> and you have them soaking in what? >> soak them in some water about 30 minutes to an hour before you start to grill because the wooden secure will soak up the water. you put it on the grill it won't burn as much. it'll be a lot more easier for you to flip and you won't have to break off like that. form it right on to it and get it right onto the grill and if you really have some time before you go outside to grill, you can kind of let that rest for a minute. >> okay. how long do they cook for? >> three minutes each side. really fast. >> sauce over it? >> the sauce i have here. cucumbers, some thick greek yogurt. you can kind much of let it sit through a sieve and become nice and thick with the moisture wicking out of it, salt and pepper, lemon juice and garlic.
8:53 am
>> we have chicken skewers. >> this is nice and healthy and light if you want to do something after indulging yesterday. a little bit of salt and pepper and these are regulation size skewers here for chicken tenders. >> what do you like for x competitive purposes. >> yeah. since we do have the competitive eating on today. >> what's this here? >> this is all spice. this to me is the key ingredi t ingredient. it's just a very earthy flavor and scent that will light up your backyard and, of course, it goes with my peanut sauce. very simple. all you have to do is just mix some peanut butter, chicken stock, salt and pepper. >> how long do you leave them on the grill? >> four minutes each side. >> nice and thin so they're quick. >> nice and thin, really fast, too. >> and now we have shrimp and bacon. i like that combo. >> this is the sonny and tina special. this is what me and my girl love to do. we love to take the bacon and just roll it around your
8:54 am
colossal shrimp here. i love this, super simple and tasty and you get this right on the grill. >> and looks so gourmet. >> it's good finger food when your friends are coming over to grill and eat in the backyard. >> a little barbecue sauce i like to make at home. the thing that's different about the barbecue sauce, it has fresh ginger in it. >> a nice looking slaw. >> a nice coleslaw. i never get enough carrots so i make my own blend, toss them in a quick vinaigrette of apple side earvin gar, olive oil, salt and pepper and good to go. >> how about the dessert? >> this is my trophy dessert. i actually served this to the bidens a few weeks ago. that's angel food cake that you slice and then i just brush over a simple syrup of lemon, water,
8:55 am
sugar and almond extract and then the white is just cream cheese, some sugar, a little bit of whipped cream and of course the red strawberries and the blueberries. >> that's an easy dessert to make and spectacular looking. >> i call it my celebration trifle because it's always a celebration. >> perfect. >> you're supposed to use your fingers. >> i know, right? who needs spoons. >> i'm sure it's good, though. >> thanks so much. i'm going to use my fingers. >> eat with your hands.
8:56 am
taking a live look outside. if you thought yesterday was hot, wow, big shock in store for the next several days. tom will have your full week's forecast in a moment. good morning. it's 8:56 on this monday, july 5th, 2010. i'm kimberly suiters. in the news for today, mandatory water restrictions still in place in montgomery and prince george's county. wsse crews have been working around the clock to fix a cracked water main. that work is expected to be wrapped up today, but wsse says tests still need to be done before water restrictions can be lifted. metro has taken dozens of trains out of service to check for a potentially dangerous problem. about 100 cars were pulled for inspection over the weekend. metro says some of the doors could open while the train is moving. your weather and traffic are coming up next. stay with us. [ female announcer ] lunch at red lobster... it's laughs over a coastal soup and grilled shrimp salad.
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8:59 am
good morning. at this hour, we have air pollution beginning to build stagnant air, it's going to get worse this afternoon, so a code red has been issued and it's going to be not very good air quality for those, especially those who have heart or respiratory ailments, especially young or elderly should stay inside as highs reach the upper 90s, more hot weather the rest of the week. ashley, how's the traffic? >> outbound road island still shut down due to a structure fire, but around the capital beltway, volume is not going to slow you down this morning. kimberly, back to you. >> get your weekday started with ♪ [ male announcer ] progress. progress for new york city cab drivers, like ossman ali is being able to carry people, who aren't carrying cash. meaning more convenience for passengers, and more business for cab drivers. all thanks to the ease and freedom of visa digital currency. now that's progress.
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visa. currency of progress. we're back now with more of tod "today" on a monday morning, the 5th day of july, 2010. and like so many other areas of the country, new york city with a brewing heat wave. humidity hasn't crept in yet. anyway, it didn't stop these fine people from joining us here on rockefeller plaza. you're invited anytime you're in the neighborhood to stop by. i'm lester holt with amy robach and the rest of the gang taking the day off. we'll get an update on the murder of an aspiring actress that sent shock waves through an affluent neighborhood in santa monica, california.
9:01 am
a woman has been charged with the murder and in a very strange twist she may have done it for hire. we'll have the latest on that story. >> all right. also on "today's money," thinking about refinancing? finance rates are at record lows but refinancing or buying a new home right now might not be right for everyone so we brought in our financial experts to go over the pros and the cons. >> plus, controversy in sports is nothing new but the latest beef, the latest beef involves major league eating. that's what they call it. joey "jew jaws" chestnut took home the mustard colored belt for the fourth year in a row. take a look at what happened. former champion was arrested after storming the stage. we're going to talk to joey chestnut about his win and the little ruckus that followed. all right. and later, older women and the younger men who love them. we're going to advice ate cougar convention and find out why these relationships work and how with the help of celebrity marriages like ashton and demi.
9:02 am
>> they have their own convention? >> yes, they do. >> first, peter alexander is in for ann. amy and lester, good morning to you. good morning to you at home this holiday weekend. spectators were in critical condition overnight following an accident in bellevue, iowa, sunday, that left a 60-year-old woman dead. officials said two horses stampeded from that parade route. they ran into the crowd trampling more than 20 people. federal investigators are trying to determine what caused an air ambulance to crash early sunday while trying an emergency landing in west texas. that crash killed the pilot and two nurses as well as an elderly patient and his wife. the twin engine cessna hit a rut in a muddy field and turned over and burned. the cleanup and damage claims from the massive bp oil spill in the gulf of mexico cost the oil giant just over $3 billion just so far. cleanup is continuing along the louisiana coast but for at least the next few days the choppy
9:03 am
seas in the gulf will prevent skimmers from collecting oil along the coast of alabama, mississippi, and florida. temperatures along the eastern seaboard will be near 100 degrees again today as the holiday heat wave that already baked a lot of this country continues into this week. nbc's kevin tibbles now with more from chicago. >> reporter: it's sweltering across much of the country and in the northeast the mercury is heading straight up. at cape may, new jersey, shade and umbrellas ruled the day. and in new york whether you've got two legs or four, you've got to stay cool. >> some suntan lotion. this guy likes it, too. and we're set. working on our tan. >> reporter: independence day weekend in ocean city, maryland, means the freedom to hit the beach. >> i come to the beach when it's hot so i can meet some cute boys. >> there's girls here. >> reporter: temperatures throughout the northeast are predicted to climb steadily as the hot, dry air hunkers down making some places feel more like the desert.
9:04 am
here in the midwest cities like chicago have been enjoying this hot, dry, holiday weather. forecasters say it's about to change. a band of heavy thunderstorms is expected to drop as much as 5 inches of rain with residents in some places being warned of localized flooding. but the northeast will swelter. some love it. in stone harbor, new jersey, they slathered on the sunscreen and built sand castles. some built their own ski ball machine. >> people like it and they're actually playing it. >> reporter: for some, though, it's just too darned hot. stay hydrated, my friends. kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. got to love that ski ball machine. secretary of state hillary clinton is in the republic of georgia. it's the last stop on her five-day visit to eastern europe. she said today the u.s. is concerned about russia's construction of permanent military bases in two rebel
9:05 am
regions of georgia, and she pleaded -- excuse me, pledged american support to georgia. vice president joe biden met with iraq's president today in baghdad. biden is urging rival iraqi politicians to end months of delays and select new leaders for their shaky democracy. on sunday he predicted a peaceful transition of power even as suicide bombers struck government centers in two major cities. four people were killed, 25 others injured. general david petraeus is now formally in command of the u.s. and anywnato forces in afghanistan. petraeus took over sunday explaining the importance of showing the afghan people and the world that al qaeda would not be allowed to launch attacks on the u.s. or any other countries. today pakistan's president called on political parties and religious leaders to help fight a wave of suicide bombers. this morning government forces killed three suicide bombers before they were able to detonate their devices.
9:06 am
a fourth bomb did go off. remembering a revolution. skies across america were full of red, white and blue on the fourth of july. one of the best fireworks show was way out best in seattle. this huge display is called the family fourth celebration. they had thousands of people in awe for more than 20 minutes. that's gorgeous. and "twilight" was gleaming at the box office. "eclipse" was the box office champ taking in $69 million. another new release "the last air bender" followed in second. "toy story 3" slipped into the number three spot. it is now just six minutes after the hour. we'll head back outside to amy. are the girls "twilight" fans or "toy story 3"? >> i'll find out. they haven't seen either day. today is a
9:07 am
good morning. that sun is already hot. if you have to be outside today, take frequent breaks, drink plenty of water. already, now, we're climbing into the 80s. it's 83 in washington. also, a code red for poor air quality this afternoon as air pollution builds in stagnant air. the young, the elderly, anyone with a heart or respiratory ailment should stay in the ac. highs today reaching upper 90s. tomorrow near 100 with the sunshine. increased humidity on wednesday and still hot. could get some needed rain thursday into the weekend.
9:08 am
and that's a look at the weather. lester, back inside to you. scott, thanks. now to a surprising twist in the murder of an aspiring actress in california. she was killed two years ago but finally there's been an arrest in the case. jeff rossen has details. >> hi, lester, good morning. this girl moved to l.a. to make it big, to be a star. instead she was killed inside her own apartment two years ago. who would do it and why? it was a complete mystery. but this morning a woman is under arrest and published reports say she may have been hired to kill. >> reporter: at first julianna redding had nothing more than a few modeling photos, a beautiful face, in a town full of beautiful faces. but soon she'd land the role in a small hollywood movie. >> all the denim you're wearing. >> reporter: at only 21 years old things were looking up. police say her real life played out like an on screen murder mystery n. march of 2008 she was
9:09 am
assaulted and murdered inside her own apartment in this expensive section of santa monica. >> she called me every so often and she was very lonely and scared being in her apartment. >> reporter: julianna once featured as one of "maxim" magazine's hometown hotties was dead after two years and thousands of hours investigating, police say they finally have the killer, a woman. it was reportedly a murder for hire. prosecutors have charged kelly supar with first-degree murder. according to the "l.a. times" she received cash payments, $250,000 just weeks before the murder, and another payment just this month, over $113,000. the money came from her boss, a business associate of julianna's father. was julianna killed as revenge for a business deal gone bad?
9:10 am
>> prosecutors said that this business deal broke down just days before the killing. >> reporter: police won't confirm details of the plot but told me kelly supar had help. >> we may have additional suspects. >> reporter: so there may be other people involved in this? >> correct. >> reporter: biting her lip and fighting back tears, she sat silent. she may be a cold-blooded contract killer. >> if it's true this woman was involved in this crime, that she was hired as a hitwoman, very unusual. women do softer crimes, smotherring, poisoning, and do it on their own. >> reporter: whatever happened in a town where success is everything, julianna redding came so close. >> i don't really want to do it. >> all around folks have said this is a huge tragedy, a young woman was cut down in her prime and it's still unclear why. >> reporter: this case is shrouded in secrecy.
9:11 am
police are even keeping how she was killed under wraps. there's another hearing set for this week where prosecutors could start laying out their case revealing even more did i details in this bizarre crime. lester? >> jeff rossen, thanks very much. there's much more to come on "today" including stress on dads balancing work and taking on a bigger role in parenting at home. up next with the rates and record lows, is now a good time to refinance or buy a new home? hi. i'm emily ilic. i'm going to start the activia 14-day challenge today. problems that i have are, you know, irregularity... i do have some doubts if it works. i think it's really good. um... i like the flavors. i think from being a skeptic in the beginning i do think that activia actually works. help regulate your digestive system. take the activia challenge. it works or it's free. ♪ activia [ female announcer ] maybe the biggest surprise about remodeling your kitchen
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now there's nothing left standing between you and a satisfying breakfast. introducing special k low-fat granola. than the leading granola and 5 grams of fiber per serving, it's a satisfying way to help you manage your weight. special k low-fat granola -- a taste of freedom. this morning on "today's money" enticing mortgage rates. they're at record lows so you might be wondering if now is the right time to refinance or to buy a house. we brought in the experts to break it down for you. sharon epperson is cnbc's personal finance correspondent and brandi is featured on hgtv's "designed to sell." this important for new home
9:15 am
buyers to get preapproved. you say you wouldn't even take a couple or a person around unless they've been preapproved. >> a lot of people get on line and think they know what their buying person is. until you've spoken to a lender, it's imperative. you want to talk to somebody who has been referred to you by a family member or a co-worker, even your realtor because at the end of the day you have to look out for your best interests. >> i heard it was 2 1/2 times your salary. is that the basic math equation or you're wincing so no. >> you're the finance expert but i wouldn't say 2 1/2 times. i would even say three or four times. you need to have at least six to 12 months reserves in the bank and that's not just for the loan, taxes, and insurance. >> that's the biggest problem a lot of people don't ubdz when they get into a home all of the costs that are required for maintenance beyond what you use on those calculators. they don't tell you something might happen to the water heater or how much to keep it landscaped like the beautiful home you were looking at.
9:16 am
all of these things cost money. >> and it's so enticing, though, with these mortgage rates as low as they are. what is the threshold for refinancing? what makes it worth your while? >> it makes it worth your while usually if you can shave off half a percent, three-quarters of a percent. the rule was 2%. to look into it you might want to do it even if you can shave off half a percent or so. >> it would save you how much? >> well, of course it depends on how much your mortgage is right now but you could save a couple hundred a month, it could be a significant amount of savings. the thing you have to think about when you are refinancing is that you're getting into another loan term f. you're refinancing to a 30-year fixed rate loan, refinance into a fixed rate loan because they are so low right now. you're going to extend that another 30 years. do you really want to do that? the other thing to think about is getting into a shorter term, like a 15-year loan, and that way, yes, you'll be paying more per month but you won't pay as
9:17 am
much interest. >> are there costs involved, closing costs? >> always costs involved. there are always costs involved and those closing costs you have to think about that. look at the pros and cons of how much those are. you have to look at that break even point. how much are you going to be saving per month but how long it's going to take you to recoop the costs. >> and meet with two or three different people. some people are rate driven but they do need to look at all the costs involved to make sure they're getting the best deal. >> some people are all too eager but they're not remembering it's important to have that 6 to 12 months in the bank. why is that important, especially if you're buying a home, problems can come up. >> to be honest, not only is the housing market volatile, so is the job market and heaven forbid something happens, you want that cushion in your account until you can get into your next job. >> that's why people are looking at these rates, i have to do
9:18 am
something. the lender is saying i'm not too sure i'm going to extend this loan because we're not sure about the job market, you've lost a full-time job, you're consulting now, you don't have the steady income. it can be very difficulto actually qualify particularly trying to buy a home right now, to get into a new loan. >> sharon, this is a big problem, unfortunately, for a lot of home eveners. they found their houses -- they own more than they're worth or having trouble paying their mortgages. what is your advice to those folks? >> those folks under water on their mortgage may think i can't even bother refinancing because i don't have any equity in my home and that's not entirely true. if you have a fannie or freddie loan, you can have a loan evaluation of 125% so it is possible to be under water and still refinance. you just have to check out what the conforming loan limits are in your area. >> all right. certainly good advice for people who have a lot of questions about the housing market these days.
9:19 am
thanks so much. we appreciate it. still to come, when a man who is much younger loves a woman who is much older. it used to raise eyebrows but, you know what, mott anymore. we're going to take you to a cougar convention and find out why it seems to work even if you're not demi moore or ashton kutcher. but up next, he's top dog in the hot dog eating world. the winner of the coney island hot dog eating contest. ♪ makeovers and the attention they bring ♪ ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ [ female announcer ] unlike some regular conditioners that just work on the surface, new dove intensive repair with fiber actives also helps reconstruct hair from the inside and leaves it beautiful on the outside. ♪ new dove intensive repair. keep on doing your favorite things and let dove take care of the damage. keep on doing your favorite things have you tried honey bunches of oats with real strawberries? wow. it's seriously strawberry. they're everywhere. it's in the bunches, on the flakes,
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9:23 am
yesterday, scarfed down 54 hot dogs in ten minutes for his fourth win in a row and it really ticked off former champion takeru kobayashi who did not compete due to a dispute with major league eating officials. kobi stormed the stage and was arrested. joey, aside from that, congratulations. great to have you here. dude, you ate that many hot dogs. >> easy. >> what's the deal -- i don't want to know the full deal afterwards but is there a food hangover? >> just like anybody, hitting the pepto. >> is it like a drinking binge? >> a little lethargic yesterday. now i'm feeling better and trying to recover. >> do you eat hot dogs at any point any time of the year? i would think this would be enough for the year? >> i love hot dogs. at a baseball game, i eat some hot dogs. >> just one? >> a couple with some good condimen condiments. >> i have lunch. it's on me. there were 57.
9:24 am
>> i thought it looked light. >> the kobayashi scandal, you didn't see the arrest happen, but what do you think of it? >> it's all kind of weird. i have a lot of respect for the guy. he pushes me to an amazing limit. i think he needs to get his stuff together. >> he raises your game, as you've described it. >> yeah. >> what's it like? it's one thing to eat all the hot dogs in the privacy of your own home but in front of 40,000 people and millions watching on tv, are you self-conscious about the chewing? >> that's the hardest part. i'm a shy guy and nobody eats like this in front of people, so it just took me a while. >> your mom didn't want you to eat that? >> my mom saw me eat like that at home she would yell at me. >> have you eaten since? >> a little bit of spinach salad yesterday. >> how old are you. >> i'm 26. >> and what are you 180 -- >> 215. >> okay. but you look in fairly good shape. >> i run, i really monitor what i'm eating. >> except the hot dogs.
9:25 am
congratulations. we know you love to eat. thanks so much for joining us and congrats on your victory. still ahead on "today" older women and younger men. we go to a cougar convention. >> and how modern day dads are balancing work. we asked real people to film themselves taking the activia 14-day challenge. i'm mary ellen smith. day one of the activia 14-day challenge. my digestive problems are irregularity. so i'm really excited to see if this really works. my husband tried this last night. he loved it. he said it's the best yogurt i've ever brought home, so...mmm. have just started to notice a slight difference in my digestion.
9:26 am
help regulate your digestive system. take the activia challenge. it works or it's free. you can see it for yourself. hazy, hot, and humid outside. good morning, everyone. it's 9:26 right now. i'm kimberly suiters. in the news for today, several people were taken to the hospital this morning after a metro bus collided with a car in southeast washington. the crash happened near pennsylvania and potomac avenues. witnesses say the car ran a red light, t-boned the bus, and then burst into flame. the bus then lost control and hit several parked cars. the passengers on the bus and the bus driver suffered minor injuries. the driver of the car is in guarded condition. it's going to be another very hot day today. tom kierein has your forecast after this short break.
9:27 am
9:28 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. we've got the temperatures already climbing into the 80s. we'll hit the upper 90s to near 100 this afternoon. and also, poor air quality developing this afternoon. young and elderly or anyone with a heart or reá!r)atory ailment should stay inside. and then tomorrow, maybe even a little bit hotter, up around 100 degrees with lots of sunshine and a little more humidity in the air. and looks like it's going to be very humid on wednesday and into the end of the week. and that will also help to increase our chances for some much-needed rain. let's check traffic at mid-morning. steve hirschhorn, how's it looking? >> it's looking great right now, tom. here's a live shot of the american legion bridge, the way we wish it always looked with more vehicles visible. springfield, also moving well right now as you head north and southbound on i-95, so your
9:29 am
lanes are open. back to you, kimberly. >> thanks, steve. get your weekday started with news 4 "news 4 today," we begin day at 4:30 a.m.
9:30 am
♪ baby there's no other superstar you know ♪ ♪ paparazzi that is the always provocative rock lady gaga. she is the first living person to have 10 million fans on facebook. if you're one of them, well, you should tune in this friday when lady gaga takes center stage live right here on the plaza and our summer concert series. we're all looking forward to seeing what surprises she has in store. wardrobe wise probably. that's friday on "today." welcome back, everyone. i'm amy robach along with lester holt and peter alexander. the rest of the gang has the day off taking an extended holiday weekend off.
9:31 am
coming up in this half hour seeing an older woman with a younger man apparently no longer raises eyebrows like it did decades ago and as proof of that we're taking you to the second annual cougar convention where such romances are no longer considered, dare we say it, unconventional. also ahead, do working dads have it as tough as working moms? frazzled fathers are taking on a b bigger role in child rearing at home. trying to juggle a career. we'll have tips on managing d daddy stress. >> and a new take on barbecue chicken sliders to grilled sweet corn with lime zest and shaved parmesan cheese. sara gore who we introduced dug the tease as a cougar -- that was not the case. how to zip up your barbecue with a twist on classic recipes and they are no sweat to make. first, al is off so here is the weather channel's scott williams
9:32 am
good morning. the heat continues to build. already we're climbing into the mid-80s. it's now 83 in washington. we have also a code red forecast for this afternoon for poor air quality and stagnant air, young and elderly, as well as anyone with a heart or respiratory ailment should stay in the ac. as afternoon highs climb into the upper 90s, more stagnant air around tomorrow as well as on wednesday and hot both days. and more humid wednesday into the end of the week.
9:33 am
and that's a look at your weather. stay cool. lesser? >> scott, thanks. up next, older women and the men who love them. we head to a cougar convention. [ female announcer ] does your smooth pass the second day test? or does frizz make you start all over? get ready for a revolution. the new pantene. frizzy to smooth system. medium to thick hair absorbs up to 40% more moisture. so we customized a pro-v system that in test, outlasts the frizz point. the results? smooth stays into the second day. put it to the test. frizzy to smooth from new pantene. healthy makes it happen. the pantene re-invention is here. introducing the new pantene custom solutions. with options for your unique hair structure. thick, fine, curly or color. to make the hair you love, last and last. put it to the test. find your new pantene.
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9:36 am
a relationship between an older woman and a much younger man used to be slightly taboo, but now there is a national convention to help so-called cougars look for their younger mate. john yang checked it out. >> reporter: take a hotel ballroom on a saturday night and older women who like younger men and younger men who like older
9:37 am
women, mix in music -- ♪ i wish that i had jesse's girl ♪ >> reporter: -- alcohol, stir and look out. welcome to the second national cougar convention. the man behind it is rich goss. >> people are beating down our doors, hundreds and hundreds of people coming to these parties. >> mrs. robinson, you're trying to seduce me. >> reporter: in 1969 when "the graduate" depicted the shocking affair between ann bancroft and d dustin hoffman's characters, cougar just meant a mountain lion. now celebrity romances have pushed relationships between older women and younger men called cubs out of the closet and into the mainstream. >> demi moore when she married ashton kutcher, 15 years younger, madonna has dated a lot of cubs. >> reporter: and they're a staple of tv shows and movies like "sex in the city." >> want to join me?
9:38 am
>> reporter: at the convention there was a place to buy accessories. this is what the body naturally sends out. >> what the body naturally sends out to draw people in. >> it gives you that happy love feeling. >> reporter: cougars are loud and proud like helene. >> everyone should want to be a cougar. it's flattering. >> reporter: generally defined as women over 40 who are attracted to men under 40. do you consider yourself a cougar? >> i didn't think that i was but i keep forgetting that i'm 45 and i keep thinking i'm still 36. >> you know what, i've dated guys 25 years my junior but they didn't know it. >> you smell wonderful. >> thank you. >> reporter: and what about the cubs? why are you here tonight? >> i just like older women. when i was 22, i started dating this 45 ye-year-old woman and i was one of the best relationships of my life. >> reporter: what do you think about you being called a cub? >> i'm young, so i like being called a cub. i don't have a problem with it.
9:39 am
>> reporter: a wild world of cougars and cubs where everyone is on the hunt. for "today," john yang, nbc news, chicago. all right. coming up next, the added stress on dads trying to balance work life with the greater role at home. i work for a different insurance company. my auto policy's just getting a little too expensive. with progressive, you get the "name your price" option, so we build a policy to fit your budget. wow! the price gun. ♪ ah! wish we had this. we'd just tell people what to pay. yeah, we're the only ones that do. i love your insurance! bill? tom? hey! it's an office party! the freedom to name your price. only from progressive. call or click today.
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9:43 am
this morning on "today's family" daddy stress. today's dads are different than even a decade or two ago. they're taking a more active role in raising their children and balancing that with a career. >> these new fathers face a subtle buy sut work place. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is something women have been dealing with, balancing work with being a parent. imagine finding themselves in the situation but why is it harder for fathers in the work place? >> i think because for many reasons. one is that dads are not used to being confined in one place. they're not used to being in the home and it's a lot of work. they're realizing that once they are doing the hands-on work it's a lot of emotional and it's a lot of mental work and physical work. so i think it's a lot of stuff hitting them at once.
9:44 am
it's different. >> we all accept that two career couples are becoming the norm, but we still have the societal perception of the leave it to beaver. >> it just doesn't feel right for dad changing the diaper while mom comes home with the briefcase. that's the way it has to be economically and sometimes it works for families. it's different things that work for families. >> are dads in the work place treated differently than moms? >> i think that's true but i'm not sure dads don't feel different because their mind and heart may be somewhat at home. i think it's important for dads to know what they want from their job and what they need from their job and to know what they want and need from parenting and when they can understand that better, they can set up work to work better for them. >> at the root of this is the traditional role of the husband, the father as the caretaker. now he's doing the dental appointments, doctor appointments, soccer practice as well. but does he admit it when he
9:45 am
needs to leave the office? >> dad needs to admit it. that's the embracing of the role, enjoy it, love it, and show people you love it and it's not demeaning work and you actually love being part of your family not just bringing home money. >> a lot of women actually relish the role of being able to balance it all and being able to be the mom and be the person who goes and gets some money as well, contributes to the household. how is this helping or hurting to share roles that were traditionally just for the women? >> let's hope it will help marriages but sometimes there is that competitive parenting thing and that was my job duty and now you're taking it. >> and you're not doing it as good as me, by the way, right? >> you don't have that did he have nigs of a role. it's important to come into the middle, build on what's good and strong about you as a parent. don't compete. work together. be a team. >> traditionally society looks as men as not being as able, not being able to feed the kid or diaper the child as well as mom. >> and they can do it just as well. mom needs to relinquish, step
9:46 am
back, and let dad have power. she may not do it the way she expects but he'll do it. >> you have suggestions on how husbands and wives work together to co-parent and do it effectively. >> yes. >> and they begin with s.w.e. s.w.e.e.p. >> that is an acronym that means sleep, work, eating, emotional expression of yourself and, yes, that means being intimate with your partner, and that means expressing your emotion in "p," which is play. five areas that need to be in l ba. parenting begins with you, the parent. you're not solid. you're not in balance. you're not going to be a good parent. get your sleep in check for yourself, for your partner, for your family. >> conquer and divide. >> do what's good for you, what you're good at. if you're good at diapering and grocery shopping, let's support each other. >> i like your next tip, display confidence. >> that's right. >> don't show weakness. >> if you do feel weak, be honest with yourself. you know what, i'm not confident
9:47 am
in changing a diaper but teach me because i want to know how to do that better. open up. be safe to share with your partner. >> in terms of a mission, you talk about debrief. >> debrief. at the end of the day, can't feel good. talking earlier you said it's tough at the end of the day when you have your children. you're not used to it. so talk about the feelings. it's okay not to have loved it. everybody loves their children. they don't always like the exhaustion. >> it is hard work. the important thing is there is a silver lining to all of this co-parenting. >> absolutely. at the end of the day if you're not working and you're taking care of your children, that's money in the bank you'll never get back because it's time spent with your children and building a relationship. >> i don't want to bury the lead in this study. teed today's new dads are pretty good dads. >> they're wonderful dads. >> in some ways better than their predecessor. >> moms may not realize that because a lot of times moms are still psychologically connected to dad and parenting even though dad is taking care of the children, that nurturing bond with her keeps her eyes over the
9:48 am
whole process so it may not allow her to feel she's disengaged. so let go. dads can do it. >> thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> up next, tired of burgers and dogs? we have flavors to spice up yo
9:49 am
9:50 am
♪ this morning in "today's kitchen" fourth of july festivities may be behind us, but summer barbecues are in full swing. >> our chef sara gore is here with some fun and simple barbecue ideas with a tasty twist of some classics. good to have you here. >> good morning. happy 5th of july. >> same to you. >> always a huge day in america. >> it's kind of better than the fourth of july. >> who doesn't love sliders these days? you have a twist on the traditional hamburger sliders. >> we're done with the hamburgers and hot dogs. we probably ate them all
9:51 am
weekend. this is an asian barbecued chicken slider. so we're going to make the barbecue sauce. in here i've got butter, garlic, and shallots. i'm going to add some ginger to give it a little zip, a little zest. that's kind of the different part of this barbecue sauce and then i'm going to add a little bit of jalapeno. if you like it spicy, you can add more. i think this is a teaspoon of jalapeno in this recipe. by all means, kick it up if you want to kick it up. turn that up a little bit. >> and then you have olive oil and brown sugar? >> this is rice wine vinegar. >> i was so wrong. okay. >> we'll save the olive oil for our hair conditioning. janice lieberman was talking about that before. some brown sugar and then some ketchup and then i'm going to add a little bit of hoisin. >> i wouldn't have guessed that one either. hoisin. >> i love hoisin, actually. you're going to mix that up and
9:52 am
let that cook for a little bit. we're not going to let cook it right now. >> how long would you simmer? >> until it looks like this thicker sauce here. >> what kind of chicken pieces? >> i'm using legs because on the grill it will stay more moist. >> it's darker and will be more moist. >> you can do this on the grill outside. actually i did this in my apartment and i don't have a grill. you're going to put about half of this right on the chicken. >> smells great. >> we have more over there. and then you're going to rub it in. normally i would just massage it in. and then we're going to put this in the oven -- >> do you let it marinade at all or right on the grill? >> you can let it mayrinade but it's actually warm right now so it would be weird to put a warm sauce on a cold chicken and let it sit. so we're going to move over here. this was in 375 degree oven for 30 to 35 minutes and then take this and get my hot grill pan. i don't want to do the whole
9:53 am
thing on a grill pan because it would take way too long and i you don't get the sear you want. this is not right. >> there's no sizzle. >> imagine the sizzling. >> there it is. >> there we go. that was really lame. >> this is just for searing purposes. >> to get a nice trust. there we go. so you're going to sear it on both sides. and then more barbecue sauce and then again on the other side. and the good thing about this, too, when you bake it first, you're not losing a lot of the sauce so then you can add the extra sauce. so obviously sear. >> take it off and start chopping it up? >> yes. i'm going to pull it off the bone. the reason i did, you could just serve it like that. but let's say we took it off, we cooled it a bit and we picked it apart, put it in pieces and add more sauce. >> the same sauce. >> the same sauce that you didn't put on the raw chicken obviously. and then that's it. i'm going to take this back
9:54 am
here. hello, peter. >> i like to show up for dessert and the drinks. >> i heard you talking about me as a cougar. >> that was a mistake. >> let's make a slider. >> are these little dinner rolls? how do you get slider buns? >> apparently they sell them at all the stores now. >> i looked for them and can't find them. >> the good people of the "today" show got them for me. >> the slider buns. >> so you're going to put a little bit of the meat and then some shredded cheese and then we're running out of time and then some cilantro and some pickled onion and you can try that and some grilled corn with butter, parmesan cheese and lime dressing and coconut water. >> it's all good, sara. still to come on "today" "twilight's" jackson.
9:55 am
9:56 am
taking a live look outside, we're kicking off a hot streak and not the kind you want. tom kierein has more on that in a moment.
9:57 am
in the news for today, mandatory water restrictions in montgomery and prince george's counties are still in place. wssc crews have been working around the clocks to fix a cracked water main. that work is expected to be wrapped up today, but wssc says tests still need to be done before water restrictions can be lifted. metro has taken dozens of trains out of service to check for a potentially dangerous problem. about 100 cars were pulled for inspection over the weekend. metro says some of the doors could open while the train is still moving. 9:57 right now, and it is heating up fast. tom kierein here to talk about the weather. >> today, "you look hot" is not a compliment. indeed, it is going to be uncomfortably hot as we get into the afternoon. in addition, we've got air pollution building in tag informant air, so the air quality environment is getting worse. avoid outdoor afternoon activities, code red especially for the young, elderly, those with respiratory ailments.
9:58 am
near 100 tomorrow with hazy sunshine and more humid on wednesday. informs, sweltering humidity midweek and toward the end of the week, by thursday into the weekend, giving us some needed rain. steve hirschhorn, how's the traffic? >> so far, so good. on your right, southbound 99 leaving springfield, not too bad, with no major delays. hov lanes are moving northbound right now. over to maryland beltway, looks looks good in silver spring. >> get your weekday started with "news 4 today." we begin every day at 4:30 a.m.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1 as d in rockefeller plaza. >> hi, everybody. it is a very special monday fun day. it's july 5th, but it actually is the official independence day observance holiday, right? >> it is. we had the big festivities last night. today the party continues. >> we did at this hour. >> how was your blowout? >> it's always a blowout. they're wild. >> we just got back from a weekend in nantucket which is
10:01 am
spectacular. it's a 1600 whaling village, so they close down -- they closed it down july 4th. they close down main street. >> it feels very small town. you get a nice, fun, cozy feeling from that spot. >> that's the way america used to be, and i wish it still were. >> here's a question for you. if you had an extra hour in your day, what would you do with the time? now, the labor department released some -- a study. because people are unemployed they have much more time and availability. what would they do with their time. >> i know what our crew would do. >> anthony what did you say? >> another fourth hour. >> another fourth hour. >> that's why you're the man. >> give the man a taco or something. >> give him something. >> what most people do with the extra hour they're watching more tv or they are sleeping more. those are the two things. you always say i'll read more books, i'll exercise. at the end of the day, you just blob out on the couch and spend
10:02 am
your hour. you don't like that? >> i don't like to blob out. >> you don't? >> no, i don't. i'm an antsy person that way. >> this one in her car no matter where you go, there's a yellow pad in the back -- in the seat of your car and lots of glasses lined up. you're always writing something, working on something. >> nothing that anybody ever cares about. i have a good time doing it. >> that's interesting. i always think that about exercising, too. you have 24 hours in a day. if you spend not even a full one, 45 minutes, 30 minutes exercising, you always feel better. >> i know. >> there was this harvard thing that said even 10 minutes of exercise a day changes your body chemistry like it changes how you feel. >> therefore it changes your attitude, hoda. you do it every morning. you're much more dedicated than i am. >> i try to. i don't know. >> what? you're in a funk? it's monday. >> i know.
10:03 am
>> i'm still paying the price. you know what it's like at the kit ridges. chugalug. that's what it's like. >> one of the great wine collections in the world, so we went through about half of it, i think. >> if you want to make a plan for something kind of interesting, unique to do, we have ideas for you. these are the wackiest summer events in the united states of america. okay? there's a thing called summer redneck games that's in dublin, georgia. look at the hilarious. >> i don't care. that one wins in my book. >> that's in georgia on the 10th. i don't know what they're doing. people in wedding clothes are diving in mud. >> this is a lot of fun. >> is this the hemingway days in key west? >> hemming day festival in he key west, florida on july 20th through the 25th. all these elderly gentlemen with white beards, they have a look alike contest. it's a lot of fun. >> looks like a fake running of the bulls. >> here's the cardboard boat
10:04 am
races. this is a popular one in arkansas. 400 people show up, and they watch people in cardboard boats. they show up and watch people in cardboard boats row until the boat sinks. apparently that's the game. >> calling all at a timer lovers. barnsville potato days in barnsville, minnesota. is that potatoes? on august 27th and 28th. >> if you're looking for something fun to do with the kids, there's a wide variety of choices. >> that's exactly right. >> if you're traveling, too, budget travel does a survey every year where they say what's the best airline and the best this and that. >> i didn't agree with all of these, but we won't say. >> the favorite airline -- the two favorite airlines chosen by the readers were southwest and jetblue. >> i agree with those. jetblue i like. i haven't flown southwest very
10:05 am
much. >> southwest hand you a plastic thing and the people are so nice, they help with your luggage. >> good attitude, friendly? aren't they the ones that kick people off in bikinis or things? a girl was going to vegas -- >> yeah, that was. >> they run a nice, family airline, doggone it. the thing that most people of is the most outrageous thing to tack on the extra fee, everybody agrees it's the baggage. >> you cannot believe they charge you again for your bag, to get it on the plane. i think that's ridiculous. they pick the top family vacation destinations. i think it's going to surprise people. williamsburg, virginia, number one. >> i love it there, but i'm stunned that was chosen first. >> the second was disneyworld. >> which i would have thought would have been the first one. >> the best food in the entire world? >> right here, baby. come to new york city. >> best wine? you should take this one. >> the most beautiful wine
10:06 am
region in the world that i don't agree with until it's beautiful in the new york finger lakes north fourth area, california's napa valley and sonoma comes in second. i love tuscany and i love france for the wine. i don't know. it's hard to beat for me. if you have a choice between sitting next to a crying baby on a plane or a chatty seat mate? >> i'd do the chatty seat mate in a second. >> you can say to the seat mate, stop talking. you can put on headphones. but a crying baby. >> how about the people that watch porn on their computers next to you? people do that on planes sometimes. >> if that ever happened to me, i would ask to be moved. >> that's what some people do. >> unless it was really good. i've never had anybody do that next to me. >> there was a guy -- i was on a train, and i could see him in my eye line, and he was right there. he was on his blackberry, and he was clicking through pictures
10:07 am
of, you know, nudie -- he didn't care. he was a business guy. it wasn't the same woman. it was like it was somebody he was with. >> he liked variety. okay. isn't that against the law? >> porn on your blackberry? >> if it's in a public place. >> there may be. >> there are children on planes and trains and things and old people like me offended by it. i don't like that. do what you want to do behind closed doors, i don't want to know about it. >> a lot more people watch porn than we think. i really do. i don't do it. i -- you don't agree? i think more people watch it than you think. >> let's hear it from the guys. >> don't show anybody, because they'll be upset. just applause if you watch porn in your house. look at anthony. jerry? >> not me. >> we know about jerry. all right. there are signs now that you are addicted to your cell phone.
10:08 am
i don't know why its taken so long, but finds that our cell phone addiction is completely and totally out of control. you and i have known that for a long time. there are signs. you want to tell them? >> you spend a lot more on your accessories than your phone. you bling it out and put stuff on it. you can the put an outfit on it. you can dress it up. then there are people who walk up to you and go is that your phone? i have a phone just like your phone. let me see your phone and they want to switch it and compare and look at the buttons. >> that's disturbing. full battery charge barely lasts a day. you read about your phone on your phone. what does that mean? >> i don't know. someone wrote something we don't understand. >> when you meet with the same phone, you've already talked about that one. you feel a brief moment of panic when you realize your left your phone at home. that, i understand, because we need our phone. >> we like our phones. >> we have to do our favorite things, because now i decided to do a summertime snack and read. my two fun things i like to do
10:09 am
in the summer. favorite summertime snack ever is the edy's lime pops. i definitely have three a day. i'm always in the store, and the lady goes there you are with the edy's lime. they are delicious. i don't want to know the calories. >> you should. 80. >> 80 calories. and the book, the summer read, someone gave me this book. it's called "the little bee." the line on the back is once you read it you'll tell your friends about it. when you do, please don't tell them what happened. written beautifully. don't put it down. what do you got? >> very really special. i love vineyard vines, it's a wonderful store. the uso is partnering for this tote bag, and it's $95. all the proceeds, all of them goes to operation enduring care, which is going to be $100
10:10 am
million commitment to our wounded fallen soldiers. so this would be an awesome gift, and remember, all the profits go -- >> especially now. what's your favorite thing? >> she always tries to -- i love that book, "little bee." i read that, too. >> do you like the lime pop? >> maybe. >> how do i say this kathie lee. i say givenchy and it's $25 on amazon. mary uses it on hoda and me. it allows each mascara to get on there. it's a different wand. i liky. >> all righty. we have a big show today. >> someone you can sink your teeth into, "twilight's" vampires. he's back with us looking good. >> he's here to tell us all about them. and he's a big deal. we'll be right back.
10:11 am
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10:14 am
25-year-old jackson rathbone stars in the new film. if he looks familiar, you may recognize him from that other little film in theaters right now, it's the "twilight" saga, "the eclipse." two huge block busters. which one were you dying to see first of two? >> luckily they're back to back. i saw "eclipse" first. i waited to get a chance toogs back in jasper's back story and show the history and do the whole civil war thing. i've always been a lover of cowboy films and all that, and so it was cool. >> you're a southerner, anyway, right? >> i grew up in clint eastwood movies. >> don't be a pig. you have two beautiful movies out right now. >> clint eastwood.
10:15 am
everybody wants to work with him. >> the last airbender, tell people about the plot of the movie. >> it's a legendary tale of four nations, air water and fire. the world has an imbalance because the fire nation is trying to take over the rest of the nations. basically i play a young warrior from the water tribe along with my little sister. we find a mysterious boy trapped in the ice who is a long lost avatar. he can restore balance to the world. >> we need him? >> we need him. >> i hear the special effects are spectacular. >> it's down by ilm. it's truly magical. it's george lucas' company. >> the best. >> it's really the best. we got to screen it at the skywalker ranch, which was a treat for me. >> you shot it in greenland. >> two and a half weeks in greenland. i actually played a set there at the local pub on my guitar. >> cool.
10:16 am
you're a musician as well? >> i have a band called 100 monkeys and about to release a brand new single. >> what do you play? >> funky rock 'n roll. >> you have the hair for it. >> and the jacket. >> the hair, the jacket. "eclipse," this whole -- it broke all kinds of records already. >> how is it being you now and walking around and having people notice? >> it's definitely interesting. i'm not the same kid that i was when i was 18 and moved out to l.a., which was a dream. >> see the people waving behind you. >> hey. >> they're on the way to see "the last airbender." >> i don't think you look like your character in "eclipse." you can get all the joy of having a great career and a little an nipple mitt at this point. >> i did that with my characters throughout hi career here. i try to play characters different looking and acting as much as possible.
10:17 am
i was always a character actor on the stage. >> that's the kind of acting. >> change your look. my favorite is to go out in public with a fake mustache and see how long it takes for someone to realize it's fake. >> how long does it take? >> i usually get away with it all day. my friends are like, what's that? you have dirt on your lip. >> you're a nice guy and you have a great family. they're all here. >> you can always tell that. >> they don't want to be -- all the best to you. when clint calls you up -- >> i will, yes. >> we hit the boardwalk to turn a beach bum into a beach beauty right after this. about remodeling your kitchen with all new ge profile appliances isn't just how great it will look when you're finished, it's the $1,000 rebate you can receive, which you could use to buy something new in your life, or put it right in the bank. ♪ remodel and renew with a rebate of up to $1,000
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10:20 am
purina cat chow. share a better life. and it's time for "today's" don'ts and dos. we're celebrating independence day by hitting coney island. >> the boardwalk got a makeover, but our glamour girl found a lot of women who could use one, too.
10:21 am
>> hi, kathie lee and hoda. we're here in coney island making a comeback. let's go take a look. i love the fact that you guys dress the same. i mean, just in case you lose each other, you'll definitely find each other. i'm all about cuffing these. by the way, ladies, you're going to wear the flip flops, you got to do the toes. i love the head scarf, it's so cute. a lot of women have to wear a bra when they wear dresses and this is a great little solution to put a tank underneath and you can wear a racerback as well. when this is up high here, it's like you see everything. >> are you the glamour dos and don'ts? >> you're not a don't. you could have been had i not
10:22 am
saved you. this is how you dress when you're five months old. this a little disco and '80s. the purple and black, black shoes. the white belt in the middle and makes the waist a little shorter and leave the belt and pull it out. i want to talk about rebecca's outfit. we have to do this entire dissection here. i stopped you because of the double bra strap. >> i'm wearing a tank top. >> and then the bra underneath that. >> and then this. where why gu debt this watermelon bag. the matching flower sneakers with the striped socks. >> the striped sock. >> is that what you found out? >> it was a little bit thought out. my mom used to joke that i dress i'm going to a komddy show. >> are you ready to find something more grown up?
10:23 am
>> sure, yeah. >> suzy is a style editor at large for "glamour." >> i had to bring her watermelon bag on the set. i don't know how long she's had it, but i don't believe you should have your little safety pin on it. it's vinyl. you see that? >> there's nothing wrong with vinyl. >> it's vinyl, and i like the cross body bag but not in fruit. >> the bra was the draw to you. that's when you decided she was going to be your girl. why? >> that's my number one pet peeve in the summertime, the double bra strap. i don't want to see that. >> didn't madonna make that trendy and it never went away? >> when she were wearing a bra or something with a little bit of style to it, but to see the bra when it has no style and you're trying to cover it up, i don't like that. >> let's look at the before picture of rebecca. let's see what suzy did. come on out. oh, so much better. >> very cute. >> rebecca is young and she's fun, and i wanted to keep that
10:24 am
youthfulness with her look. if you don't own a striped shirt, you should go out and get one this summer. >> nothing says summer like a striped shirt he. >> you want it to be fitted but not oversized or too tight. >> we need the mom approval? >> i think she looks fabulous. >> are you glad she got rid of the watermelon bag? >> you gave us a lot of ammunition today. >> all of these cloths are inexpensive. the top is $20 and the skirt is 40, those gladiator gold sandals are $30. you don't have to spend a lot of money to look amazing. >> how long did you have to spend? >> about six months. my roommate begged me not to buy it, but i loved it. >> thanks, honey. >> we'll be back after. this [ female announcer ] we're made to mix...
10:25 am
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and 5 grams of fiber per serving, it's a satisfying way to help you manage your weight. special k low-fat granola -- a taste of freedom. grab a glass of lemonade. the heat returns just in time for the long holiday weekend and it's expected to stick around all week. coming up on "news 4 midday," we'll tell you also about the air quality problems we'll have to contend with. good morning. i'm pat lawson muse. also coming up, a live report on the progress made overnight in fixing that cracked water main. the repair efforts have led to
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back with more of "today" on this holiday monday. with kids out of school you're spending a lot of time outdoors. >> it's important to make sure you're keeping your kids healthy and same. juliet is here with tips to help you out. >> i don't want to get bored with you ladies. >> you ain't boring. >> boring is not your issue. >> we're going to share some ideas that we can continue to r and r and not take our kids to the e.r. this summer. so start with knapsacks, okay. they go to camp, going to a friend's house. you want to get them one that's
10:31 am
lightweight and ergo no, ma'am mc, but inside put water, healthy snacks, a change of underwear and socks just in case. also, medical card. really important. >> where do you get this? >> you can go to the local supermarket draish drugstores and get one, cvs. it has all the steps, name, doctor, allergies, really important. you want to think about is how to keep this clean? there's going to get smells and odors in there. simple. use newspaper. newspaper absorbs the odor as well as the moisture. use in the sneakers and baking soda. you just turn this inside out and shake it inside and let it leave it overnight. it will dry out all the odors and moisture. if you want to clean it, a little dirt never hurt anybody, but woolite is really simple. >> woolite has always been great. >> this is a good one. >> i love these little turtles, but sandboxes. a lot of stuff going on.
10:32 am
wet sand breeding bacteria. this is great for the kids to do. let them shovel and turn the sand in here so the dry sand is on top. if a cat likes to use it as a litter box, if she pop no scoop, you get rid of it all because it's there. use a cole lander. you can find things like twigs, but in our case, ladies, we have diamond rings for you today like mine. seriously, you want to do this because if there's twigs and other bugs in there, this is a great way it to clean it. >> most people use public sandboxes at parks and stuff like that. >> i wonder about that. >> there's not much you can do. they've been around for so long, and kids are still here. if you have one in your backyard keep it covered and once a year change the sand. >> unless there's a little accident, and then change it right away. >> another real great trick is if you go to the beach or even if the kids come in from the
10:33 am
sand, talcum powder, baby powder, put it on their legs and it makes it come right off. >> the sand. >> it makes them smell so good. >> you can use your blow drier to blow it off. >> after a nice shower. >> you bring the sand inside. you don't want to do that. >> hose them off outside. >> this is all outside stuff you do. >> don't get snippy. >> you're asking me questions here. i got you a diamond ring today. what do you want from me? if you doen't have a top, use a vinyl table cloth and use clothing clips to put it over the sandbox just in case. >> these need to be kept clean. >> they think it's their little toilet, so you want to be sure to change the water out regularly. don't keep things like plants nearby a pool. not just the baby pool, because that won't tilt in. a young kid might hold onto it and think they can get out. by the way, great tip going
10:34 am
away, put those little plants in a baby pool to keep them growing so they don't die so you don't have to water them. >> how do you clean the pool? >> a few ways. first of all, use a butterfly net. kid friendly and very easy. baking soda. put it in every other day. i've been very chemical today. the ph balance remains the same. a little bleach won't hurt. what do kids do in the water sometimes? we don't know. dog use it as big water fountains, clean it daily if you can and empty it out. water your lawn. >> use a -- >> you can use a little bit of bleach, a quarter teaspoon in ten gallons of water. this is terrific. drowning is the second cause of accidental death with kids, so this is a terrific thing called the safety turtle. go to it's like a dick tracy wristwatch they wear, and the
10:35 am
minute they hit the water, it goes off. you'll know. it's great for pets and also the elderly. great idea. >> lastly, cleaning up these toys and stuff. >> it's not just cleaning but it's if they have teared. kids don't have perception. sometimes they think they can go in there. you can clean them with a little vinegar and vodka. today's kiddy segment -- >> no. >> thanks, julie. thank you. up next, an italian twist for a barbecue. >> next we celebrate summer with the sounds of the caribbean next. elastin fibers break down. this exclusive bio-mineral concentrate system has active naturals ingredients shown to multiply elastin's elements. i'm impressed. the study showed improved firmness, texture, wrinkles or spots in 100% of women. how uplifting is that? [ female announcer ] new ageless vitality. save $20 at that's the beauty of nature and science.
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10:39 am
we're getting saucy with the oldest family owned producer of pasta sauce in the nation. >> wow. michael, a lex sis and michael and denise are here with -- >> here's a lesson in throwing a barbecue italian style. >> what a sweet family you are. >> we're thrilled to be here. you're cooking with the first family of pasta sauce. it will be italian, of course. >> we'll have three great summertime dishes. the first one you'll enjoy because it's called clams and musse mussels. >> very careful, people, with that. >> so we begin as we so often do
10:40 am
with olive oil and garlic, which aye been gently cooking. you don't want to cook this at all. the next thing we do, ladies, is some white wine. >> we love this already. >> beautiful. is that a cup? >> yeah, it's perfect. we need that liquid to get the moisture to get the clams and mussels to open. the flavor is beautiful. to skip ahead, the next thing we do -- we would normally let this start steaming. we need to move on. >> you have to rinse these first because there's sand and stuff. >> mussels. >> altogether, huh? >> altogether, baby. >> we push them down there. now we let those cook until they open. >> how much of a heat? >> we're going to put that on medium. you can turn it up initially. >> how long does it take for them to pop open? >> it depends. the clams are bigger and take longer, but the mussels are down in four, five minutes. we might want to take them out as they open.
10:41 am
>> you don't want to overcook them. >> anything na doesn't open, you want to discard. >> god said don't eat it. >> you don't want to discard the juice that the mussels and clams open up. >> you take the bread. what do we do with the juice? >> we add the special secret ingredients. this is uncle fred's fireworks sauce. fred was my father, and our original sauce plants we had in the 1940s was built in the back of an amusement park believe it or not my grandparents bought. every fourth of july we have a big fireworks display. we still have the amusement park, and our sauce plant is bigger and newer. this tradition continues. he made this special recipe -- oh, my goodness. so he would make this recipe with tomatoes and zucchini and garlic and onions. >> you can just buy this, right? >> of course. you go to the website and find all you need. we're going to accent that with
10:42 am
a little fresh basil. >> show us the finished product so we can make sure we get to the rest of your family members. we don't want to leave them hanging. >> we would normally put this in the mix here and pour it right over the pasta. >> why don't you whip that up while we come down here. get ready for us. we have joe and alexis. are you fourth generation? >> yes. >> are you cooking down here? >> a stuffed pepper appetizer. it's a simple recipe. we cut the peppers lengthwise, taking the skins out. and then lexis, if you want to mix the sausage. now you can use a sweet italian sausage or a hot italian sausage, depending on your taste. >> say the name of the cheese again, please. >> ricotta. >> what's wrong with people? >> once you blend the two together -- it's a simple recipe here. you take the pepper and stuff it
10:43 am
with the mixture and put it in the casserole dish and bake it for about 40 minutes with the meat side up. what we do, we take it out of the oven and add our special vodka sauce, which is basically poured over the finished product. we put it back in the oven and cook it for another 35 to 40 minutes. at the end of that we top it with an asiago cheese. it's a stuffed pepper appetizer. >> i think i like that. >> we're going to taste it. >> i don't even like peppers. >> you will love it. it's amazing. if you don't like spicy, you can use sweet peppers. >> you can use the sweet pepper, a sweet italian sausage if you don't like the hot. >> i like it. denise, what are you cooking down here? >> i was doing a salad in the summertime. everybody loves fresh fruit, and we're going to kick it up a notch with special ingredients. i have cantaloupe here, as you can see. i'm going to scoop this up like this. >> you have bananas, grapes and
10:44 am
strawberries. >> fuji apples, fresh berries and grapes. hoda, if you could in that bowl i have three tablespoons of honey. we're going to add fresh orange juice to that. kathie lee, i want you to smell this orange-flavored liquor. you can use that and add that in, and just whisk the dressing. you can see cooking with alcohol. we had white wine with the clams and mussels and vodka in the sauce and an orange-flavored liquor. it tooks a traditional fruit salad and kicks it up a notch. >> it sure does. granny is going to love it. >> we have to say good-bye. we'll have a little bite or two. thank you all very much. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> careful there. delicious. up next a little tropical groove to get us in the summer spirit right after this. ♪ threading my hair through some bright-coloured rings ♪
10:45 am
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10:49 am
many of you are enjoying a day off after celebrating the fourth of july with a bang, but for our trop yal neighbors in the u.s. virgin islands the celebrations are yus starting. >> jessica was here with the caribbean ritual dancers and all the steel pan band to show us how it's done in the sun. welcome. this feels so fun here. >> i know. fourth of july. this is how we do it in the virgin islands. you'll get our caribbean dancers and steel pans and all the things that make the u.s. virgin islands unique and special. we're part of america. you can come down without a passport. >> you need to remember that. you forget that kind of stuff. >> since 1917 we've been part of the u.s. virgin islands, part of america. at the u.s. virgin islands we celebrate independence day with our own flair. >> you're very unique. >> i know. i can tell by what we're wearing. we're acting like we have nothing on.
10:50 am
>> tell us what we have. >> you have one of our festive headdresses used during the carniv carnival, and on the fourth of july we celebrate, but we celebrate island style. >> it's not just one day. there's a big windup. sgroo you guys are party animals. >> we start way before and go way after. >> terrific dancers, and i think we're going to move down here and learn a little bit about the dance moves. >> thank you. so you're the queen dancer, right? you're the lead dancer. is this dance difficult to learn? >> it's very easy. >> what kind of dance is it. >> it's called caribbean dancing, and today we're going to teach a dance called the kalalu. it's of mixture of our culture. >> so we're going to have this wonderful band play with us, is that right? >> of course. >> where should we stand? over here. >> you can stand here. you can come by me. >> we want to be in the background.
10:51 am
>> go on that side. i don't want to block anybody. your hands go one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. again. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. then we're going -- one, down, and up. one more time. down and up. and then your hand is going to go one two, three, four. you got it. >> that's it? >> that's it. >> i can do it. i don't know. >> let's try it one more time. >> one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. and down and up. more time. going down and up. >> that's good. >> oh, yeah, i forgot that part.
10:52 am
>> that's right. i feel like i'l cruise. >> one more time. are we ready? >> yes. okay. >> one, two. you got to smile. get into it, now. come on. and down. and we're mixing. and up and down. now we're going to do it again. >> i like this. it's fun. diane, thank you so much and everybody for coming today. >> thank you. >> thank you. you did a great job. thank you so much. >> we'll be back
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10:55 am
time to check in with miss sarah haynes who dressed appropriately for the close of the show. >> still love the hat. >> it's pink. hoda, you never answered about if you had an extra hour what you would do with it. >> if i had an extra hour, i'd
10:56 am
probably read more. i try to read books every now and then, but i don't feel like i focus. i'd do that for my extra hour. what would you do? >> i'd do more one more rewrite to keep it real. >> if you weren't working or relaxes -- you don't veg ever. >> i like to take nice, long walks. i do. >> we had a fun day today and we'll have kendra wilgen son tomorrow. >> and we'll have makeovers by louis. enjoy the holiday and thanks to our friends from the u.s. virgin islands. ♪ -- captions by vitac --
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